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Summer Classes

TPS offers great summer courses for strengthening foundational skills to smooth out rough patches from the prior school year or give a head start for the next school year.

The TPS Summer term runs for six weeks, with a break week during the week of July 4 (total of seven weeks start to finish). Our Academic Calendar provides details.

Summer classes typically meet twice each week for two hours per meeting, usually on Monday+Wednesday or Tuesday+Thursday. Schedule details for each course are shown in the Course Catalog (select the “Summer” category). Because summer courses are fast-paced, students who plan to miss one or more sessions must request teacher approval for the missed sessions when they enroll in the course; summer enrollments with plans to miss multiple consecutive sessions may be disapproved.

We have general academic preparation courses like:

We have writing skill-building courses for elementary: junior high; early high school; and late high school, AP, and college:

We have math skill-building courses:

We have courses to prepare your student for our rigorous fall/spring courses:




We also offer fun and educational classes that just don’t fit into the regular school year: