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Subject Catalog

“From the first class, I knew that I chose the right course. I loved the class environment and how much student participation there was. Also, I enjoyed the literature and history texts that we read. It was engaging and very interesting. I learned so much from the feedback and comments, and through that process I have become a much better writer.”

Gabriela Z (student – American History, Literature and Composition)

“TPS Western Literature has been one of the most influential classes I’ve ever taken. The teacher has fostered in me a newfound love for writing and appreciation for meaningful prose. In observing the different styles of literature, from the adventurous works of Homer and Mark Twain to the deeper, meaningful compositions of Shakespeare and Wolf, I understand more fully the effects literature has had in the course of Western Civilization – first how it is influenced by the current ideas of the time it was written, and second how it will influence the next generation of thought and communication. If you want to develop a sense of appreciation for fine literature, writing and the “grand conversation,” take this class!”

Christian C (student – Western Literature)