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Read what others have to say about TPS and our courses. Use the dropdown to show a sampling of all the testimonials or filter to get a sampling for each subject. Select “TPS” to see general comments. Visit our Subject Catalog to learn more about the curriculum and core courses for each subject.

“From the first class, I knew that I chose the right course. I loved the class environment and how much student participation there was. Also, I enjoyed the literature and history texts that we read. It was engaging and very interesting. I learned so much from the feedback and comments, and through that process I have become a much better writer.”

Gabriela Z (student – American History, Literature and Composition)

“We are grateful for TPS and the opportunities they provided for our daughter. She was able to join several service trips and be a part of the clay magazine. She made some dear friends along the way. All of her teachers were passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects they taught, and they were all kind and caring to their students. We appreciate how much care, attention, understanding, motivation and constructive feedback they provided to our daughter.”

Lidie G (parent)

“I would recommend this course to others because of the phenomenal teaching. Teacher is always bubbly and friendly, and always has a moment to spare to help out a struggling student. All in all, a fantastic teacher! The material is well presented in an easy learning format. The homework can be challenging, but one can always find what they need to know in the textbook or one of the lectures. Overall, this class is fun and a good place to learn some Java!”

Julie R (student – Computer Programming in Java)

“I really enjoyed this class and learned lots of cool stuff. It made me want to study science more. I look forward to taking the other Elementary Science next year.”

Angelina B (student – Elementary Science)

“Eastern Empires is a wildly exciting course taught by an equally exciting and amusing teacher. For history geeks who feel like they’ve already learned everything that is to know, this is the class for you. The course topics are unique and insightful, and really give you an understanding about various cultures. Definitely recommend!”

Grant R (student – Eastern Empires)

“I would recommend this course for anyone interested in counseling or anyone who desires to grow in their understanding of people (themselves included). This course not only gives you a window into the different areas of psychology and different disorders, but it also equips you with deeply biblical thoughts on counseling, psychology, and life in general.”

Chiara B (student – Psychology and Counseling from a Biblical Perspective)

“This course shed a whole new light on History and English for me. Rather than just throwing out a bunch of names, dates, and facts for rote memorization, this class focused on truly understanding the history and the reasons behind the history. As we traced important events and movements throughout the years, we discovered how each event connected with the others and the causes and effects of these events. At the end of the school year I found myself amazed at how perfectly everything we learned fit together. We were able to trace the historical and cultural developments in literature and see the connections between the two. Rather than just knowing that the history happened, we actually studied and discussed it and truly learned to understand it. Additionally, this course matured my writing in ways I never expected. We learned to go beyond the basic five paragraph essay and explored new and deeper methods and styles of writing. This class taught me in a fun, engaging, and effective way, and was truly one of my favorite TPS experiences.”

Olivia B (student – Modern History, Literature and Composition)

“I had a great time this year in all my classes. Art was definitely my favorite class, but I really enjoyed every single one of my classes this year. The teachers are all amazing; so understanding and willing do above and beyond to help their students. Although the workload was pretty stiff, my teachers laid it out in a way that was manageable, so I was able to keep up. I really enjoyed TPS this year and I can’t wait for the coming school year!”

Rachel M (student)

“This course made biology interesting and fun. I used to hate science, but now it’s my favorite subject because this class gave me chance to ask questions, watch interesting videos, and learn so much about the world around me and just how complex and amazing it is.”

Caroline H (student – Life Science (Honors))

“One of my favorite classes this year. I was challenged in both of my research papers, but I took it step by step and was very satisfied with the end result of the essays. The guideline for the research papers were very smooth and helpful in the process of writing. The assignment was stretched out over several weeks and gave week-to-week instructions so as to help me achieve the best essay I could write.”

Nate C (student – U.S. History for Middle School)

“This class was so much fun! Even though it was challenging at points, it barely felt like school. There were so many resources for helping me do better, from the actual class time, to more videos, to the teacher giving me advice through email, to the class mates giving me suggestions and ideas. Throughout the year we learned to understand design and its elements, build things out of our imagination, and work out design problems. If you like to design, draw, do any type of art, figure out problems, or work with computers, this class is for you!”

Dalyah G (student – Adobe Illustrator)

“As someone who wants a career in the health field (but unsure what specific occupation), this class was crucial and incredibly helpful for me to get some knowledge of the human body and its systems so I could narrow down what my interests are. My parents (who are both in the medical field) were amazed that our class covered the details that we did. In addition, the information we learned was both deep and helpful; I did not feel like I was learning too much or in too much detail.”

Leilani W (student – Anatomy and Physiology)

“It feels good to be back into the TPS family. I love that professionals are working with and teaching my children and me. Thank you for your consistency and care of us!”

Christa E (parent)

“As an art lover and a history lover, I really liked this course! Strongly recommend it! I think everyone who takes this course will gain a lot from it, no matter whether you are going into an art career or just have an interest in art. 🙂 This course is a fantastic chance to study great art works, famous artists, and the thoughts, cultures, and traditions behind the art. Plus a great teacher!”

Erica Z (student – AP Art History)

“I am so grateful that TPS was an option for my family! Because of its flexibility, I am able to spend a lot of time with my baby sister. She was born the week my brother started school, three weeks before I started school! I have two brothers already, and I really wanted a sister. It has been significant to me and to my family that I can be involved in her life while also pursuing my academic progress. I have needed to adapt to the changes in schooling and in our home, such as by learning to create task lists and use a schedule for completing my work outside of the live TPS class sessions.”

Christina S (student)

“Thanks to my excellent training in TPS Math, I earned a perfect score of 800 on my SAT Math 2 Subject test.”

Nathan S (student)

“In just two semesters I’ve seen myself grow so much in how effective I am at formulating a true argument. The teacher gives excellent and specific feedback and tips regarding how to improve upon a student’s writing, leading me personally to not only be better at how my arguments “sound,” but also in how I understand the art of rhetoric. Not only has my writing improved, but so has my speech and ability to think quickly. I’m a competitor in a national speech and debate league, and my understanding of argumentation, how to use pathos, ethos, and logos, has spilled over into my success in debate. Through AP Language, I’ve had the privilege of developing my skills so I can communicate better and be more confident in my articulation.”

Kaitlin L (student – AP English Language and Composition)

“TPS English has enabled our children to achieve excellence in grammar and composition. The high quality of the instruction and assignments has enabled our children to make vast improvements in their ability to be independent writers.

Overall, the TPS English teachers provide an outstanding, high level of detailed corrections to our children’s writing to constantly help them improve. Our children have learned logical, systematic paragraph development and how to clearly explain their ideas in writing through this process. Our children will be well prepared to be independent thinkers and writers in college and beyond.”

Chris P (parent)

“Our students have taken TPS English and Math (and more) starting at elementary age. We love the rigor of the courses and the biblical worldview. We have seen fabulous SAT Reading/Writing test scores (750 out of 800, in grade 8) and Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test (800 out of 800!). We plan for our youngest to start TPS English and Math as soon as he is old enough.”

Kim H (parent)

“Leaving TPS, I was well-prepared for my college level writing courses and today I am the go-to proofreader at work.”

Amanda M (alumnus)

“I never thought this class would teach me so much about the way the world is working today. In a practical way, economics has helped me put more thought into decisions involving my spending and jobs. The government portion, on the other hand, has done very well at laying out the function of our government for me. However, I mostly enjoyed this class because of the discussions of present day events, as we talked about the best ways they should be handled. All in all, it has been very insightful and fun.”

Reilly K (student – U.S. Government (Civics) and Economics)

“TPS has changed the way I look at math. I have taken three math courses with different teachers, and all of the teachers have been encouraging, fun, and very helpful! They employ memes, songs, and funny drawings to help me wrap my mind around hard concepts. Before TPS I struggled immensely with math, but now math is no longer my GPA nemesis!”

Carolyn C (student)

“This course taught me so much about economics while keeping me interested and excited. Great teacher. The projects throughout the semester were helped me see how the economy works. There is not a lot of work, but you learn so much information about a crucial subject.”

William P (student – Economics)

“This course is amazing! If you are looking to get into some serious programming, I would definitely take this course! The teacher does an amazing job at explaining core concepts that are vital for a good understanding of code and computer science. The AP material also give you ample amounts of practice and resources to improve your code.”

Shepard B (student – AP Computer Programming in Java)

“This course is a great way to get both English and History. Yes, there may be two classes per week, but the homework is less than what it would be if you took English and History separately. And the teachers are AMAZING.”

Isaak J (student – Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation History, Literature and Composition)