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“This course is a great way to get both English and History. Yes, there may be two classes per week, but the homework is less than what it would be if you took English and History separately. And the teachers are AMAZING.”

Isaak J (student – Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation History, Literature and Composition)

“I really liked this course because it gave me a nice overview of other countries outside the United States and their history, climates, and cultures. Plus a great teacher!”

Deborah B (student – Geography for High School)

“I started TPS in 7th grade, taking English 1 and Latin. After that year I began taking nearly all my classes from TPS, through my high school graduation, from English 1 through Advanced Composition, Literature, and Poetry, to math, where I did Algebra 1 through AP calculus, to an awesome four years of French, and several electives ranging from Web Design to Study Skills to Theology. I loved my time with TPS. I’m now graduating from Grace College with my B.S. in Life Sciences & Education, and I’ll also receive my teaching license for secondary science. TPS prepared me for nearly everything I encountered in college, and I wouldn’t be the teacher I already am without the influence and encouragement and investment of my TPS instructors. I’m so grateful to be able to pass on to my own students what my TPS instructors gave to me: a love for learning and a hope for future achievements.”

Emily A (alumnus)

“This course taught me so much about economics while keeping me interested and excited. Great teacher. The projects throughout the semester were helped me see how the economy works. There is not a lot of work, but you learn so much information about a crucial subject.”

William P (student – Economics)

“This has been an informative, useful, and enthralling course to invest myself in this year. This Latin course not only helps you to become familiar with grammar and vocabulary, but also to have a clearer understanding of English, French, and many other languages that originated from Latin. If you are someone who has any interest in learning more of this beautiful ancient language, this is a perfect course for you!”

Maia G (student – Latin)

“Out of all the English/Writing courses I have ever done, this one, by far, exceeds all. The course forces students to step out of their comfort zones and challenges them to find their voices as writers. For those looking for the best class to strengthen their writing abilities, look no further!”

Ethan B (student – Advanced Composition)

“This course shed a whole new light on History and English for me. Rather than just throwing out a bunch of names, dates, and facts for rote memorization, this class focused on truly understanding the history and the reasons behind the history. As we traced important events and movements throughout the years, we discovered how each event connected with the others and the causes and effects of these events. At the end of the school year I found myself amazed at how perfectly everything we learned fit together. We were able to trace the historical and cultural developments in literature and see the connections between the two. Rather than just knowing that the history happened, we actually studied and discussed it and truly learned to understand it. Additionally, this course matured my writing in ways I never expected. We learned to go beyond the basic five paragraph essay and explored new and deeper methods and styles of writing. This class taught me in a fun, engaging, and effective way, and was truly one of my favorite TPS experiences.”

Olivia B (student – Modern History, Literature and Composition)

“As an art lover and a history lover, I really liked this course! Strongly recommend it! I think everyone who takes this course will gain a lot from it, no matter whether you are going into an art career or just have an interest in art. 🙂 This course is a fantastic chance to study great art works, famous artists, and the thoughts, cultures, and traditions behind the art. Plus a great teacher!”

Erica Z (student – AP Art History)

“This course is extremely fun. It was incredibly informative and I learned a lot. I learned things I had not known before and I learned new aspects to things I already knew. I have always loved marine life and animals in general but I learned so much more about marine resources, marine life I didn’t know as much about, and performed experiments I hadn’t before. The teacher is the best teacher I have ever had and she is really good at encouraging and answering questions. She is very good at answering questions in and out of class and is just really fun to have as a teacher. She makes things lively and I don’t feel like I am just in a lecture but rather that I am experiencing the ocean at my kitchen counter. It is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in anything marine.”

Sadie C (student – Marine Biology)

“Eastern Empires is a wildly exciting course taught by an equally exciting and amusing teacher. For history geeks who feel like they’ve already learned everything that is to know, this is the class for you. The course topics are unique and insightful, and really give you an understanding about various cultures. Definitely recommend!”

Grant R (student – Eastern Empires)

“TPS has been life saving for us living overseas with few school options. I’m so thankful to be a part of it. Thanks for all the work you’ve done to keep it open and running at such a high standard.”

Angie M (parent)

“Although statistics is a challenging subject, I feel I received all the help and resources I needed to better grasp each concept. We were given College Board AP resources, assignments, and projects that all worked to deepen our understanding. We were given many opportunities to practice with AP exam questions so that my confidence only grew as the year progressed to take the AP exam.”

Sabina M (student – AP Statistics)

“…my ACT test returned with a perfect score in English. Wow!”

Hannah M (student)

“The TPS Elementary Spanish courses are a wonderful introduction to a world language at a steady, comfortable pace for younger learners. The classes provide a great foundation for high school Spanish classes in the future. The curriculum is the best my family has ever seen in a world language class!”

Tammy B (parent – Elementary Spanish)

“…every class is taught from a biblical perspective, integrating truth from Scripture into the material…

…every teacher I’ve had is enthusiastic about what he or she teaches, and I can tell the love they have for the material, for teaching it, and for those they are teaching…

…and now in English 6 my writing has reached excellence I would never have dreamed of…

…through TPS I’ve met some phenomenal people and made strong friendships…”

Victoria M (student)

“This class really helped me grasp the concepts that I needed. I used to think that math was so hard and I would never need it, but it turns out that you need math for everything you could ever do from being an artist to an actor to even a photographer. This class helped me to see that math isn’t an annoying subject that everyone has to take, but it is a fun tool that is essential to your life. The teacher was great and made learning the different methods of math enjoyable and easy through games and fun websites. I would totally recommend this class for your student!”

Nadia G (student – Math Accelerated 6)

“We are grateful for TPS and the opportunities they provided for our daughter. She was able to join several service trips and be a part of the clay magazine. She made some dear friends along the way. All of her teachers were passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects they taught, and they were all kind and caring to their students. We appreciate how much care, attention, understanding, motivation and constructive feedback they provided to our daughter.”

Lidie G (parent)

“There are so many things I could say to influence others to take this class. This course really focuses on strengthening the foundations and thoughts of its students. In the English section, I got to read so many interesting short stories, poems, and essays and discuss their meanings and themes with my fellow classmates. In History, I received objective lessons on historical events and movements. I even got to discuss and debate my own ideas on subjects like Globalization, Marxism, Imperialism, and much more. In the Art History section, I got to learn about different cultures and their ideas through their art. I got to see different ways of looking at history or topics just through different pieces of art. All of the teachers are well educated in their studies, friendly and loving to their students, and focus on teaching their students how to think and discuss. This class has brought me much joy, and I hope that you strongly consider taking it.”

Daniel W (student – Belhaven High Scholars)

“Before taking this course, I had enjoyed history in the past, but never really applied it to modern life. However, this course takes you through thousands of years of history, and connects each part to Christ, and to life today. I learned so much, and the patterns of history I can now see everywhere. Not only did history become wildly more fascinating, it also became a key part of my understanding of the way society works today.”

Jenna D (student – College Western Civilization)

“This course greatly enhanced my understanding of classical history and literature from a Christian standpoint! Because it was dual enrollment through Belhaven University, we got the added bonus of earning college credit without having to take a stressful AP exam at the end of the year. But without a doubt, the best part of Belhaven High Scholars was seeing my classmates four days a week and getting to know them personally!”

Emma M (student – Belhaven High Scholars)

“TPS has changed the way I look at math. I have taken three math courses with different teachers, and all of the teachers have been encouraging, fun, and very helpful! They employ memes, songs, and funny drawings to help me wrap my mind around hard concepts. Before TPS I struggled immensely with math, but now math is no longer my GPA nemesis!”

Carolyn C (student)

“This course really teaches a lot! This remarkable class taught me about important people, kingdoms and empires. We also learned a lot of new vocabulary! The class gave me a full picture of life in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome. Sometimes, we even played review games to go over our last unit! People might say history is boring, but in reality it can be fun.”

Benjamin W (student – Elementary Humanities: History and Literature of the Ancient World)

“This class is interesting and informative. What I really appreciated about this class is the focus on not only astronomy but also on apologetics. It is taught from a Christian worldview.”

Katherynn P (student – Astronomy)

“I would wholeheartedly recommend TPS English 1. My writing has improved tremendously because of this course. I do not fear writing anymore, and I feel more comfortable when I sit down to write. The teachers for this course are absolutely awesome. They took the time go over the material in detail and to encourage me. TPS English 1 is a great course for anyone struggling and uncomfortable with writing, as well as those who just need to polish their skills.”

Michael G (student – English 1)

“BHS has been awesome! It changed my perspective of the world and how I perceive things around me; it challenged me, but I found a new sense of adventure. Class is always a fun trip down history filled with stories as old as time; it’s mind-boggling. Belhaven became more than a class to me, it was my epiphany. And all of my teachers and classmates were amazing!”

Abigail J (student – Belhaven High Scholars)