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College (Dual Credit) Courses

Are you seeking college credit in high school? There are some important things to consider, but in many cases dual credit (college credit in high school) is a good choice. TPS offers courses that are pre-approved for college credit from Belhaven University. We have also researched other major colleges, and designed our courses so they cover the topics most commonly taught in the major colleges, so these credits should be easy to transfer to the college of your choice.

TPS College Credit courses

Integrated Humanities
Belhaven High Scholars (24 English/History/Humanities credits)

Literature and Composition
College Composition (3 credits)
College British Literature and Composition (3 credits)
College American Literature and Composition (3 credits)
College World Literature and Composition (3 credits)

Precalculus/Trigonometry (3 credits)
Calculus AB (3 credits)
Calculus BC (6 credits – two semesters of college Calculus, each awarded 3 credits)

College U.S. History (3 credits)
College Western Civilization (3 credits)
College Contemporary World History (3 credits)

Social Science
College Psychology (3 credits)

Foreign Language
French 3 (3 credits – fourth semester college French)

College Music Theory (3 credits)

Art History and Appreciation (3 credits)

How does TPS College Credit work?

  • Credit Pre-Approval. TPS courses listed as “College Credit” are pre-approved by Belhaven University for credit. However, the student is not required to enroll in Belhaven at the same time as enrolling in the TPS course. Instead, the student registers his course with Belhaven during the school year once he decides he wants to receive (and pay for) the college credit transcript.
  • Official Transcript. Upon successful completion (80% or higher) of a pre-approved courses, the student may request a transcript from Belhaven University.
    • The Belhaven transcript is an official Belhaven transcript. It lists Belhaven course titles, numbers, and credits that equate to the TPS course successfully completed (see list above). The transcript is not modified with any any special designations (e.g., “dual enrollment,” “on-line”, or “TPS”), and is identical to any other Belhaven transcript.
    • Belhaven University does not issue high school transcripts, and will not list courses as “dual” high school and college, or indicate in any way that a course on a Belhaven transcript was also was taken toward high school graduation. Students seeking an accredited high school transcript that includes their college courses may request an accredited high school transcript through TPS or their own transcript provider.
    • As part of the optional college transcripting process, students must provide their name, address, and other identification information to Belhaven University. Belhaven University may add students to their mailing list, and may contact students regarding university opportunities. TPS encourages students to consider Belhaven University’s excellent internal and partnership programs in college decisions.
  • Process and Fees. Please see this information on how to request, pay for and obtain the transcript from Belhaven University.
  • Transferring Belhaven Credits for a TPS College Course. If another college or university asks for a syllabus along with the Belhaven transcript, the TPS course information should be provided under the TPS course name plus the Belhaven catalog name. If the course is not yet completed, include a note indicating the course is pre-approved for Belhaven University transcript credit upon successful completion.