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Advising / Planning Meeting

We want to support each student toward his or her individual educational requirements, goals, and interests. This requires experience and expertise in a wide range of academic areas. Our team has decades of experience and expertise in homeschooling, educational requirements in the U.S. and outside, transcript development for college and scholarship, and more. Meeting individually (chat, phone, conferencing, in-person at summer camp) with students and parents is a privilege and opportunity which we want to make accessible, effective, efficient, and friendly.

For currently or previously enrolled families, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you for academic advising for course selection, preparing for high school, meeting high school graduation requirements, or planning a strong individualized transcript.

  • Free with enrollment, with a small fee per subject if you do not enroll in that subject.
  • There is an initial fee of $20 per subject (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Global Language, Electives) per student which must be paid prior to the meeting. (If the student is already enrolled in the subject for the coming year with initial payment made, the fee is waived.)
  • After the meeting, when you enroll your student(s) in the subject(s) discussed in the meeting and make your initial tuition payment, we will credit each $20 fee to each course you enrolled.
  • To request an Advising Meeting, please complete and submit the online form linked below.
  • Once we receive the form, we will add the fees to your account and notify you by email to make payment.
  • After you have made payment, please reply to the email to complete the process of scheduling the meeting.
  • After you enroll and make initial tuition payment, please notify us to apply the credits to the enrollments.