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Math Courses

Why choose TPS Math classes?

  • Top online math classes grades 4 through 12.
  • Top scores on AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics exams.
  • Dual college credit in Calculus, Precalculus, and Statistics.
  • Solid foundation in Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 for SAT, ACT and higher math and science.
  • Two levels of Math (Standard and Honors) in every grade.

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TPS Math Classes

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Elementary Math (before Pre-Algebra)

TPS offers Elementary Math (i.e, Math prior to Pre-Algebra) in two tracks: Accelerated and Fundamentals. Both tracks are thorough preparation for Pre-Algebra, the transitional course that bridges a student from concrete to abstract in preparation for Algebra and beyond.

TPS Math Accelerated is based on the Singapore Math curriculum, which introduces more advanced topics a little sooner. Our testing has shown that students who do well in TPS Math Accelerated 6 are prepared to go straight to Algebra, effectively skipping a year of Math.

TPS Math Fundamentals is based on the Math Mammoth curriculum, highly regarded for its rigor and accessibility. It thoroughly prepares a student for the crucial transition of Pre-Algebra, which also uses the Math Mammoth curriculum.

Accelerated: More advanced topics in greater depth

Grade 4: Math Accelerated 4
Grade 5: Math Accelerated 5
Grade 6 (Summer): Math Accelerated 6 Prep Camp
Grade 6: Math Accelerated 6

Note: Strong Math Accelerated 6 students may skip Pre-Algebra and go straight to Algebra.

Fundamentals: Solid foundation for Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra (Honors)

Grade 5-6: Math Fundamentals 5
Grade 6-7: Math Fundamentals 6

Pre-Algebra through college-level Math

Pre-Algebra is the transitional course that bridges a student from concrete to abstract in preparation for Algebra and beyond. TPS offers math from Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2 in two tracks:  Honors and Standard.

TPS Honors and Standard tracks are both thorough preparation for college and career. Honors courses go deeper into some topics, assign some harder problems in homework and tests, and add a few more topics — all designed to better prepare a student for Calculus. Honors class lectures and discussions move a little faster and spend a little less time on review. Though Honors courses are ideal for preparing for Calculus, students who do well in the Standard courses will also be prepared to do well in Precalculus and Calculus. Students who start in one track can switch tracks later if needed, based on grades or changing academic goals.

TPS offers a wide range of options after Algebra 2, including Precalculus followed by Calculus BC or Calculus AB; Statistics; or Quantitative Reasoning for College Math. TPS Precalculus and Calculus BC and AB are eligible for college dual credit.

Honors: Prospective Math/Science majors or other students preparing for Calculus

Grade 6-7 (Summer before Pre-Algebra): Pre-Algebra Prep Camp
Grade 6-7: Pre-Algebra (Honors)
Grade 7-8 (Summer before Algebra): Algebra Prep Camp
Grade 7-8: Algebra (Honors)
Grade 8-9 (Summer before Geometry): Summer Algebra Review
Grade 8-9: Geometry (Honors)
Grade 9-10 (Summer before Advanced Algebra): Algebra Review, Geometry Review
Grade 9-10: Algebra 2 (Honors)
Grade 10-11 (Summer before Precalculus): Algebra 2 Review
Grade 10-11: Precalculus (with Honors option)
Grade 11-12: AB Calculus, BC Calculus

Standard: Prospective Social Science or liberal Arts majors, or students preparing for AP Statistics or college-level Quantitative Reasoning or Trigonometry (Precalculus)

Grade 7-8 (Summer before Pre-Algebra): Pre-Algebra Prep Camp
Grade 7-8: Pre-Algebra
Grade 8-9 (Summer before Algebra): Algebra Prep Camp
Grade 8-9: Algebra
Grade 9-10 (Summer before Geometry): Summer Algebra Review
Grade 9-10: Geometry
Grade 10-11 (Summer before Algebra 2): Algebra Review
Grade 10-11: Algebra 2
Grade 11-12 (Summer): Algebra 2 Review
Grade 11-12: Precalculus (with Honors option), Quantitative Reasoning for College Math, AP Statistics
Grade 12: AB Calculus

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “Math” category in our Course Catalog.