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TPS Mission

Our mission: Discipleship. Scholarship. Excellence.

TPS promotes excellence in discipleship and scholarship as an integrated process (2 Pet 1:5-7).

Discipleship – Teaching is a mentoring role that influences not just the mind but also the heart and character of the student.

Scholarship – Sincere pursuit of knowledge considers sources and perspectives throughout history and across cultures. Worldview provides a framework for understanding knowledge and seeking truth in faith. Genuine scholarship can build and strengthen true faith.

Excellence – The traditional concept of virtue (an older word for excellence) assumes that knowledge and character are interrelated and inseparable, with each developing and reinforcing the other.

TPS – The Potter’s School was originally called The Potter’s School (from Isaiah 64:8). TPS’s original and continuing purpose is to bring academic excellence from a biblical worldview to independent schooling (homeschool) worldwide. TPS provides live online core academic courses for grades 4 through 12, including college dual credit and certified AP® courses. Our hallmarks are high academic standards, a thoroughly integrated biblical worldview, and timely effective feedback. We also offer trips, camps, and other opportunities for community and service.