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TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) Program

What is TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL)?

TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) trains students in academic English language and related analytical skills in English so they may excel in TPS high school courses. The TPS EFL program provides EFL students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the TPS Diploma Partnership, and to become highly competitive for applying to U.S. colleges.

How does TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) differ from other EFL programs?

TPS teaches academic and analytical English (not just functional English) reading and writing. Academic English develops skill in the use of precise definitions, logical structures, and rhetorical devices in the process of analytical discussion, argumentation, and essay writing.

TPS EFL also prepares students in conceptual math-related (not just rote math) analytical skills learned and developed in English. Learning conceptual math-related skills in English provides a foundation for success in math, science, and social science courses in English and supports development of analysis and argumentation skills in English. (The dependence of math, science, and social science on academic language can be seen in applications ranging from Algebra or Geometry “word problems” to the “logical argument” constructs of analytical writing.)

Students who complete our EFL program in early high school have conceptual, analytical, discussive, and rhetoric skills on par with academically strong native English-speaking students.

How does TPS EFL accomplish academic proficiency for study in English?

English as a Foreign Language – Intermediate (EFL-I) Course

The starting level for TPS EFL is the English as a Foreign Language – Intermediate (EFL-I) course. (TPS cannot accommodate students who do not have understandable conversational English with basic reading skills prior to enrolling in TPS EFL-Intermediate course.)

A new student for EFL-I must be 9-11 years old on Oct 1 of the academic year. (We cannot accommodate older students because it results in too much difference between the student’s intellectual level and academic English level, and we do not have suitable courses for older students at lower English levels.)

EFL-Advanced (EFL-A) Tutoring

After completing the EFL-I course, the TPS EFL student takes TPS Writing Fundamentals 5 with the help of an assigned EFL-Advanced (EFL-A) tutor. The EFL-A tutor meets with each student individually one time per week for 30 minutes to improve development of written academic English. The EFL-A Tutor may also assign the student to read specific books in English with questions to develop analytical reading and reasoning skills in English.

The student should progress upward in English from Writing Fundamentals 5 to Writing Fundamentals 6, English 1 Lit and Comp, English 2 Lit and Comp, and English 3 Lit Analysis and Comp — with EFL-A tutoring required at each level.

Conceptual Math-related Analytical Skills in English

The TPS EFL student should take TPS Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. These are the foundational courses that teach conceptual math-related skills in English that provide readiness to excel in upper high school and college courses taught and evaluated in English. The TPS EFL student must enroll in TPS Algebra concurrently with (or prior to) TPS English 2 Lit and Comp.

Concurrent Courses

Prior to and during TPS EFL-I, no other TPS courses may be taken (EFL-I provides the basic skills needed to participate in other TPS courses.)

After successful completion of EFL-I, the student is encouraged to take other TPS courses consistent with the student’s level of TPS English and TPS Math. A typical academic year enrollment is:

  • English course with EFL-A tutoring
  • Math course (required for Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2)
  • Science course
  • Social Studies course
  • Elective course

Five courses plus EFL-A tutoring is a complete and sufficient academic plan. Strong students may consider an additional elective course (six courses). All courses must be consistent with the student’s academic level of TPS English and TPS Math.

High School Transcript and Diploma

Students should generally wait until English 2 Lit and Comp to start their official “grade 9” academic year (the high school transcript begins in this year). Students who want to pursue a TPS Diploma may join the TPS Diploma Partnership once they reach English 1 or higher and and Algebra or higher.

TPS EFL Program Completion

In the final year of the TPS EFL program, the student is typically in grade 9 or 10 of high school and enrolled in English 3 Lit Analysis and Comp with the final year of EFL-A tutoring. The student’s TPS Math level is usually TPS Geometry or TPS Algebra 2. Even when the student has completed EFL-A tutoring, it is recommended that the student continue to complete TPS Math through Algebra 2 (or higher) to achieve a strong background for upper high school and college courses taught in English.

More Information

TPS EFL is good for students who want to learn English as a Foreign Language for the purpose of taking other TPS courses. It is ideal for Chinese students. If you prefer to learn more about TPS in Chinese, please visit our information pages for China families.

Please contact TPS Support for more information or to get started in TPS EFL.