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TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) Courses and Tutoring

What is TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL)?

TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) trains students in academic English, so they can excel in other classes that use English in the classroom and in writing. TPS EFL can prepare you for Math courses, Science courses, Social Studies courses, and even English Literature and Writing courses.

How does TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) differ from other EFL programs?

Other EFL programs teach conversational spoken English and functional English reading and writing. Students learn to function as second-language English speakers, but they are not able to speak, read and write like strong English students.

TPS EFL teaches academic English speaking, reading, and writing. Our EFL students are placed into academic English courses (Literature, Writing, History, Social Sciences) sooner, and by the time they complete the TPS EFL program their academic English is on par with their native English-speaking peers.

No other EFL program offers this level of academic English.

What are prerequisites for TPS English as a Foreign Language (EFL)?

Prior to beginning the TPS EFL courses, the student must demonstrate sufficient conversational English skills. This is assessed through an interview with the teacher. TPS considers this prerequisite level to be EFL-Beginner (EFL-B). TPS has no EFL-B classes online, and recommends that beginner students take local live classes or tutoring.

What is TPS EFL-Intermediate instruction?

TPS teaches EFL-Intermediate (EFL-I) online. A student who passes prerequisite testing for TPS EFL-Intermediate (EFL-I) will take TPS EFL-I two years. A few students may finish in one year, if they were more advanced to start.

What classes (taught in English) may a student take after completing EFL-I?

After one or two years of EFL-I, the student should be ready to enroll in TPS Writing Fundamentals 5 (WF5) or Writing Fundamentals 6 (WF6), with the help of a tutor. The tutor program is called EFL-Advanced (EFL-A) tutoring.

What is TPS EFL-Advanced (EFL-A) tutoring?

After completing EFL-I the student may take English courses taught in English, starting with TPS Writing Fundamentals 5 (WF5) or Writing Fundamentals 6 (WF6). The student will be required to have an individual tutor for each English course until the student’s writing is fluent in academic English. TPS assigns this tutor as EFL-Advanced (EFL-A) Tutoring. The EFL-A tutor meets with each student one time per week for 30 minutes, to review English assignments and improve weaknesses in written English. There are additional fees for this required tutoring.

Then the student may progress each year from WF5 to WF6 to English 1 to English 2 to English 3, with an EFL-A tutor assigned each year until his writing is academically strong and the tutor is no longer required.

TPS EFL is good for all foreign students who want to learn English as a Foreign Language. It is ideal for Chinese students. If you prefer to communicate in Chinese, please visit our information pages for China families.