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Be prepared and confident in Math with TPS!

“This course was a perfect balance between a challenging new math class and a review of all the math I had learned in school so far.”  TPS high school math student

TPS has been teaching math since 1997. Our students consistently earn top math scores U.S. and worldwide (e.g., AP® exams). Over more than two decades, the comment we still hear most often from our former math students is that they were fully prepared for all the math they encountered in college and beyond.

Why are TPS Math students so prepared and confident in Math?
  • TPS Math teaches math concepts, not just math problems. (If you learn the concepts, not just the problems, you can work familiar and unfamiliar problems anytime.)
  • TPS teaches all the concepts needed for later math, science, and social sciences. (Math courses for home study often omit content to make the course shorter or easier — but this is content you need later in other courses or fields.)
  • TPS reviews, tests, and retests math concepts regularly in a steady upward progression that promotes real learning and confident retention. (No one likes math tests, but regular testing of math concepts with expert teacher evaluation is necessary to ensure the concepts are truly learned and retained.)

Math is a discipline of concepts that build sequentially upon each other. TPS excels in teaching math so students truly learn and retain the concepts for application in standardized tests, other courses, higher math study, and real-life problem-solving.

The sooner you start in TPS Math (as early as late Elementary) and the further you go in TPS Math (including college dual credit courses and AP courses), the stronger and more confident you will be in Math for college and career.

No matter where you are starting or where you are headed, use proven TPS Math courses to fully prepare you with the math you will need.

“This course was amazing. The concepts that had frightened me in past years were explained clearly and in detail. I feel much more prepared for future math courses with knowledge of the course’s material. The specific problems that were chosen from the textbook helped strengthen and challenge our understanding of what we’d just learned. And the online material helped to review and re-iterate the concepts, with helpful tools to guide us along the way. I would recommend this course to others seeking to extend their math skills and prepare themselves for higher levels of math.” TPS high school math student

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