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TPS Integrated Humanities Courses – Lit and History, Together Again!

One course, multiple credits

“The fact that the information you learn throughout the year is used simultaneously is ridiculously helpful! Rather than balancing two separate schedules or working through separate texts, this course gives you a single schedule for both history and English as well as streamlining the workload by utilizing your in-class texts for both classes.” Trent E (student)

History and Literature share a long relationship as the core "Humanities" and it is perhaps impossible to study one well without the other. This is why TPS offers a series of combined History and Literature courses from elementary through upper high school. The high school courses have the writing instruction integrated as well, so each HS course is a History plus an English Language Arts course, worth two high school honors credits. We also offer a two-year high school integrated history, literature, and cultural worldviews curriculum that earns 24 college credits.

TPS High Scholars - Dual Credit Integrated Humanities

Grades 10-12: High Scholars (two years, 24 college credits)

In a partnership between TPS and Belhaven University, High Scholars is a "classics" ("Great Books") program that studies western history, literature, and art from ancient to contemporary historical periods. Live classes are interactive dialogue, including regular "round table" discussions with mics and cameras. The two-year curriculum welcomes students grade 10 and up.

  • Four (4) live interactive classes each week, including periodic "round table" discussions (mics and cameras)
  • 24 college credits (Freshman Comp 1 and 2, World Lit 1 and 2, Western History 1 and 2, Contemporary History, Art Appreciation)
  • Two (2) years of high school History, Lit and Comp, and academic electives (6 HS credits)
  • Content integration allows for considerably lower total workload than each subject taken separately

Integrated Humanities Courses - Elementary through HS

Grades 5-6: Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of the United States

Grades 5-6: Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of the Ancient World

Grades 6-7: Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of Asia and the Middle East

Grade 9: American History, Lit, and Comp (Honors)

Grades 10-12