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TPS English Reading, Writing and Literature Courses

Why choose TPS English Reading, Writing and Literature classes?

  • Top English Writing and Literature classes grades 4 through 12.
    • TPS Literature courses all teach writing (compare with others that may grade essays but don’t teach writing).
    • TPS Literature courses all teach analysis of literature (compare with others that discuss books but don’t teach analysis).
    • TPS Writing courses (no literature) available for every grade level.
  • Top scores on AP English Language and AP English Literature exams.
  • Dual college credit in composition (writing) and literature.
  • Master analytical essay writing for English, History, SAT, and ACT.
  • Study of the Great Books (classics) of the western literary canon and world literature.
  • Thorough series of summer grammar and writing courses specifically designed to prepare students for TPS courses taught during the regular school year.

TPS English Reading, Writing and Literature Classes

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Grammar Courses

Grades 5-6: Elementary Grammar
Grades 6-8 (Summer): Grammar Foundations for Elementary and Middle School Writing
Grade 7: English 1 Grammar Supplement (available only with English 1)

Reading Comprehension Courses

Build comprehension, understanding and thinking skills better in young readers.

Suggested English Writing and Literature Sequence

Other courses listed on this page should be added to this sequence where appropriate for academic level and need.

Grade 5 (Summer): Writing for Elementary School (alternates content each year, may be taken twice)
Grade 5: Writing Fundamentals 5
Grade 6 (Summer): Writing for Elementary School (alternates content each year, may be taken twice)
Grade 6: Writing Fundamentals 6
Grade 7 (Summer): Writing for Middle School (alternates content each year, may be taken twice)

Grade 7

Grade 8 (Summer): Writing for Middle School (alternates content each year, may be taken twice)

Grade 8

Grade 9 (Summer): Writing for Early High School

Grade 9

Grades 10-12 (Summer): Writing for Upper High School and College (summer before English 4/5/6)

Grades 10-12

Grades 11-12

TPS also offers other literature, poetry, and creative writing courses.

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “English” or “Literature and Media Analysis” or “Writing and Composition” category in our Course Catalog.

Classical Integrated Humanities Courses

Literature and History go together like bacon and eggs, right? TPS offers integrated humanities courses that combine literature and history in a “great books classical” approach. In addition to individual courses from elementary to high school, we also offer a two-year high school curriculum that earns 24 college credits.

Two-Year Dual Credit Classical Integrated Humanities Program

Belhaven High Scholars is a Western Civilization humanities curriculum developed by Belhaven University and offered to high school students online through TPS. This classical program integrates western history, literature, composition (writing), and art appreciation into a two-year “Great Books” curriculum which provides a total of 6 high school credits and 24 college credits. It emphasizes discussion and dialogue over memorization of information, and the efficient integration allows for a lower workload than if similar courses were taken individually. Each year is taught in four live classes per week. Belhaven High Scholars is available to upper high school students with good writing skills — no prior classical humanities background is necessary.

Grades 10-12: Belhaven High Scholars (Two Years)

Classical Integrated Humanities Courses

Grades 5-6: Elementary Humanities – History and Literature of the United States
Grades 5-6: Elementary Humanities – History and Literature of the Ancient World
Grades 6-7: Elementary Humanities – History and Literature of Asia and the Middle East

Grade 9: American History, Lit and Comp (Honors)

Grades 10-12

Academic English as Foreign Language

Often students whose first language is not English desire to prepare for a national English exam, the TOEFL, or a high school or college program taught in English (e.g., a U.S. university, or an international university program, or even high school diploma from an English-speaking school). The Potter’s School offers an English as a Foreign Language series of courses, taught by culturally sensitive teachers experienced with both EFL and academic English instruction. These courses are designed to take a student from conversational English to whatever goal he sets: national English exam, TOEFL, or even academic English proficiency sufficient to participate in mainstream academic courses (math, science, social studies, etc.) taught in English. More information on TPS EFL…