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TPS English Reading, Writing and Literature Courses – Be a skilled and confident writer!

“Our daughter’s growth as a writer through this course has been absolutely jaw-dropping. The creative knowledge-packed assignments in this course have sent her writing skills through the ceiling.” Parent of TPS elementary writing student

TPS has been teaching writing since 1997. Over more than two decades, the comment we still hear most often from our former English students is that they were among the strongest most confident writers in their college classes and beyond.

Why are TPS English students such skilled and confident writers?
  • Every TPS English course grade 7 and up is designed as a writing instruction course, including the literature courses and the integrated humanities courses.
  • Every TPS English course grade 7 and up teaches and practices specific writing and rhetoric skills based on the level of the course. We never stop teaching, evaluating, and improving targeted writing skills at every level.
  • For TPS Elementary students, we have Writing Fundamentals courses that specialize in teaching and developing early writing to lay a solid foundation.

Good writing — analytical, rhetorical, or creative — combines a set of skills (which can be learned) with individual self-expression (which can be developed). Becoming a skilled and confident writer requires expert teaching and individual mentoring, not just practice and feedback. TPS has over two decades of proven excellence in teaching and developing strong and confident writers for college, career, and civic life.

Why choose TPS English Reading, Writing and Literature classes over other options?
  • Top English Writing and Literature classes grades 4 through 12.
    • TPS Literature courses all teach writing (compare with others that may grade essays but don’t teach writing).
    • TPS Literature courses all teach analysis of literature (compare with others that discuss books but don’t teach analysis).
    • TPS Writing courses (no literature) available for every grade level.
  • Top scores on AP English Language and AP English Literature exams.
  • Dual college credit option in multiple Lit and Writing courses.
  • Master analytical essay writing, the most important academic skill you will need for college and career.
  • Study of the Great Books (classics) of the western literary canon and world literature.
  • Summer grammar and writing courses available to prepare students for TPS courses taught during the regular school year.
What Others Are Saying

“I am not the same writer I was before taking this course. It has helped me to raise my standards for clear, polished, academic writing in every assignment.” TPS upper high school student

Read what other students and parents have to say about TPS English reading, grammar, writing and literature classes.

TPS English Reading, Grammar, Writing, and Literature Classes

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TPS English Curriculum Chart

Grammar Courses

Grades 5-6: Elementary Grammar
Grades 6-8 (Summer): Grammar Foundations for Elementary and Middle School Writing
Grade 7: English 1 Grammar Supplement (available only with English 1)

Reading Comprehension Courses

Build comprehension, understanding and thinking skills better in young readers.

Suggested English Writing and Literature Sequence

Other courses listed on this page should be added to this sequence where appropriate for academic level and need.

Grade 5: Writing 5 Adventures
Grade 6 (Summer): Writing for Elementary School
Grade 6: Writing 6 Exploration
Grade 7 (Summer): Writing for Middle School (alternates content each year, may be taken twice)

Grade 7

Grade 8 (Summer): Writing for Middle School (alternates content each year, may be taken twice)

Grade 8

Grade 9 (Summer): Writing for Early High School

Grade 9

Grades 10-12 (Summer): Writing for Upper High School and College (summer before English 4/5/6)

Grades 10-12

Grades 11-12

Related Courses

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “English” or “Literature and Media Analysis” or “Writing and Composition” category in our Course Catalog.

Integrated Humanities Courses

History and Literature share a long relationship as the core "Humanities" and it is perhaps impossible to study one well without the other. This is why TPS offers a series of combined History and Literature courses from elementary through upper high school. The high school courses have the writing instruction integrated as well, so each HS course is a History plus an English Language Arts course, worth two high school honors credits. We also offer a two-year high school integrated history, literature, and cultural worldviews curriculum that earns 24 college credits.

TPS High Scholars - Dual Credit Integrated Humanities

Grades 10-12: High Scholars (two years, 24 college credits)

In a partnership between TPS and Belhaven University, High Scholars is a "classics" ("Great Books") program that studies western history, literature, and art from ancient to contemporary historical periods. Live classes are interactive dialogue, including regular "round table" discussions with mics and cameras. The two-year curriculum welcomes students grade 10 and up.

  • Four (4) live interactive classes each week, including periodic "round table" discussions (mics and cameras)
  • 24 college credits (Freshman Comp 1 and 2, World Lit 1 and 2, Western History 1 and 2, Contemporary History, Art Appreciation)
  • Two (2) years of high school History, Lit and Comp, and academic electives (6 HS credits)
  • Content integration allows for considerably lower total workload than each subject taken separately

Integrated Humanities Courses - Elementary through HS

Grades 5-6: Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of the United States

Grades 5-6: Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of the Ancient World

Grades 6-7: Elementary Humanities - History and Literature of Asia and the Middle East

Grade 9: American History, Lit, and Comp (Honors)

Grades 10-12

Academic English as Foreign Language

TPS English As a Foreign Language (EFL) trains students in academic English so they can excel in TPS late elementary, middle school, and high school courses — all taught in English — as part of preparing for the TPS high school Diploma Partnership and possibly attending a college where the primary language is English.

More information on TPS EFL…