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History, Government and Social Studies Courses

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,
the world and those who dwell therein…” (Ps 24:1)

Social Studies may be seen as a set of interrelated academic disciplines (History, Government/Politics, Economics, Sociology, Psychology) that study human behaviors, events, cultures, and ideologies as part of God’s creation. History is then approached as study of God’s manifest plan as it has unfolded for individuals, peoples and nations.

Psalm 24 provides a foundation and framework for study of History and Social Studies within TPS, resulting in several academic commitments:

  • All things belong to God — not just “sacred” versus “secular” things.
  • All happenings are under God’s plan — not just happenings we like or with which we agree.
  • All people are created equally in God’s image — not just “western” people or “Christian” people.

Our academic and discipleship goal in TPS History, Government and Social Studies is to prepare students to understand, engage with and influence the real world. We emphasize study of original context so we can better understand things removed from our own time and situation, and more wisely consider lessons learned from them.

Our History, Government and Social Studies courses are also academically distinguished by their emphasis on research and essay writing. Our students not only learn and discuss events and ideas in context from a biblical worldview, they also learn to write well-researched analytical essays (compare our AP® exam results or our writing program with others to see how well TPS prepares students for college essay writing).

Our History and Social Studies program is coherent and thorough, and a student who takes a well-planned set of TPS History and Social Studies courses in high school will have unparalleled preparation for college and career with a global understanding and potential for world-wide impact.

Is your student ready for TPS History, Government and Social Studies? Please click the slide for more information, then review the course chart and information below it.


Suggested History, Government and Social Studies Sequence

Click the image below to open a view for easier reading. Suggested grade levels and prior courses are not prerequisites.

History Courses

Grades 6-8: Christian World History: Heroes of the Faith
Grades 7-8: U.S. History for Middle School (full survey, with emphasis on prior to Civil War Reconstruction)
Grades 8-9: Ancient History
Grades 9-12

Grades 10-12

Grades 11-12

Government and Social Studies Courses

Grades 6-8: Globetrotters Geography for Middle School

Grades 9-12

Grades 10-12

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “History,” “Government,” or “Social Science” category in our Course Catalog.

Classical Integrated Humanities Courses

Literature and History go together like bacon and eggs, right? TPS offers integrated humanities courses that combine literature and history in a “great books classical” approach. In addition to many omnibus-style courses from elementary to high school, we also offer a two-year high school curriculum that earns 24 college credits. All of these courses can be used in the TPS Diploma program. Here are details.

Two-Year Dual Credit Classical Integrated Humanities Program

Belhaven High Scholars is a Western Civilization humanities curriculum developed by Belhaven University and offered to high school students online through TPS. This classical program integrates western history, literature, composition (writing), and art appreciation into a two-year “Great Books” or “omnibus” curriculum which provides a total of 6 high school credits and 24 college credits. It emphasizes discussion and dialogue over memorization of information, and the efficient integration allows for a lower workload than if similar courses were taken individually. Each year is taught in four live classes per week. Belhaven High Scholars is available to upper high school students with good writing skills — no prior classical humanities background is necessary.

Grades 10-12: Belhaven High Scholars (Two Years)

Honors Level Classical Integrated Humanities Courses

Grades 4-6: Elementary Humanities: History and Literature of the United States
Grades 4-6: Elementary Humanities: History and Literature of the Ancient World
Grades 5-7: Elementary Humanities: History and Literature of Asia and the Middle East
Grades 8-9: American History, Literature and Composition (Honors)
Grades 9-12: Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation History, Literature and Composition (Honors)
Grades 10-12: Modern History, Literature and Composition (Honors)
Grades 10-12: Ancient History, Literature and Composition (Honors)