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Become your best writer with TPS!

“Our daughter’s growth as a writer through this course has been absolutely jaw-dropping. The creative knowledge-packed assignments in this course have sent her writing skills through the ceiling.” Parent of TPS elementary writing student

TPS has been teaching writing since 1997. Over more than two decades, the comment we still hear most often from our former English students is that they were among the strongest most confident writers in their college classes and beyond.

Why are TPS English students such skilled and confident writers?

  • TPS Elementary Writing courses delightfully provide a strong writing foundation, so our young writers are confidently prepared for middle school and high school writing.
  • Every TPS English course develops specific writing and rhetoric skills based on the level of the course. We systematically progress writing through every stage of development (grammar, dialectic, rhetoric) from elementary to college level.
  • All TPS English courses at every level — including our literature courses — teach writing with engaging purposeful instruction and assignments. We never stop teaching writing in our English courses, even in upper high school and college level courses.

Good writing — analytical, rhetorical, or creative — combines a set of skills (which can be learned) with individual self-expression (which can be encouraged and developed). Becoming a skilled and confident writer requires expert teaching and individual mentoring, not just practice and feedback. TPS has over two decades of proven excellence in teaching and developing strong and confident writers for college, career, and civic life.

The sooner you start in TPS English (as early as late Elementary) and the further you go in TPS English (including college dual credit courses and AP courses), the more confident and polished you will be as a writer in college and career.

No matter where you are starting or where you are headed, use proven TPS English Language Arts courses to help you become your best writer.

“I am not the same writer I was before taking this course. It has helped me to raise my standards for clear, polished, academic writing in every assignment.” TPS upper high school student

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