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Science Courses

What do you need to consider when planning your science curriculum and choosing your science classes? What do colleges expect?

Most college admission processes require at least two years of a laboratory science in high school. Since Biology has no prerequisite, most students take Biology as one required science. Beyond that comes Chemistry (which requires a solid Algebra foundation), and then possibly Physics (which requires knowledge at least through basic Trig functions). Life Science and Physical Science are both great courses that help prepare junior high students for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

TPS Science Classes

TPS Science classes fully prepare you for college, including meeting the rigorous hands-on lab experience and formal lab reporting expectations often missed in homeschooling. TPS science classes combine thorough academic rigor and uncompromising biblical worldview.

  • Content. We bring you a more complete course, using other texts and materials to supplement the basic text. We stand firmly on a biblical worldview, but we include content to cover various perspectives thoroughly enough that students won’t be surprised when they encounter knowledgeable and persuasive adherents of other perspectives and worldviews.
  • Labs and Lab Reports. One of the areas of science where homeschoolers are least prepared for college is experience with labs and formal lab reports. We design our courses to prepare a student for formal lab reports in college, through a progression of teaching and examples, evaluated drafts, and final reports that systematically increases student proficiency throughout the course.

Suggested Science Classes Sequence

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Grades 5-6: Discovering God’s Living World, Discovering God’s Physical World
Grades 7-8: General Science, Honors Life Science, Physical Science, Honors Physical Science
Grades 8-9: Earth Science
Grades 9-12: Health and Wellness (one semester)
Grade 9: Biology, Biology (Pre-AP Honors)
Grade 10: Chemistry, Chemistry (Pre-AP Honors)
Grades 10-12: Marine Biology, Electronics, Astronomy
Grade 11 or 12: Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Forensic Science, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry (currently not offered)AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 (planned for 2020-21)

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “Science” category in our Course Catalog.