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TPS Science Courses

Thoroughly Academic, Uncompromisingly Faithful

What do you need to consider when planning your science curriculum and choosing your science classes? What do colleges expect?
  • Most college admission processes require at least two years of a laboratory science in high school. Typically, this is Biology and Chemistry (and Physics for some programs).
  • A “lab science” has specific lab practice and lab reporting requirements that are not met by “lab activities” — this is an issue for many homeschool curriculum science courses.
  • Most colleges expect four years of science in high school, but non-science majors can fulfil the expectation by choosing from a wide variety of engaging science or science-related courses in upper high school (i.e., non-majors are not expected to take four years of hardcore lab science).
Why choose TPS Science courses over other science course options anywhere else?
  • Thoroughly academic. TPS science courses include all the topics and depth expected in a college-preparatory science curriculum. (If you do a comparison of topical content and depth in science courses for homeschoolers, you will find that it is common practice to omit or simplify some of the content that is expected in a college-preparatory science course.)
  • Uncompromising Biblical Worldview. TPS integrates an uncompromising biblical worldview (i.e., the Bible texts in original form are authoritative truth) into all our courses, including science courses. (It is common practice in faith-based science courses to either dismiss some of the science or diminish the literal authority of some parts of the Bible. TPS uniquely teaches science and faith as compatible aspects of God’s truth without allowing either to be dismissed or or compromised.)
  • Thoughtfully Designed Progression
    • TPS Elementary Science courses instill wonder and delight in the design of Creation.
    • TPS Middle School Science courses (Life Science, Physical Science) thoughtfully introduce the challenging topics so high school science is not the first time the student sees the difficult material. (Middle school courses are not included in a college application, so they are an ideal opportunity to start into challenging topics that students often struggle with in high school to prepare for confident success in high school.)
    • TPS early High School Science courses (Biology, Chemistry) complete the lab requirements for high school graduation and prepare for success in advanced (e.g., AP®) Science courses.
    • TPS AP® courses uniquely prepare each student to reach his or her individual AP exam goals to earn the desired credit from colleges of interest.
  • Differentiated Options. Every student is required to learn science (and many colleges expect four years of high school science), but not everyone is a science major.
  • Labs and Lab Reports. One of the areas of science where homeschoolers are least prepared for college is experience with lab practices and formal lab reports. We design our lab science courses to prepare a student for labs and lab reports in college through a careful progression of teaching and examples, evaluated drafts, and final reports that progressively develop lab practices and reporting familiarity and expertise throughout the course.

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Suggested Science Classes Sequence

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Grade 4: Elementary Science – Discovering God’s Heaven and Earth

Grades 5-6

Grades 6-7: Introduction to General Science

Grades 7-8

Grades 8-9: Earth Science

Grades 9-12: Health and Wellness (one semester)

Grades 8-10

Grades 9-11

Grades 10-12 Lab Science and AP® Science Courses

Grades 10-12 Science and Science-Related Courses

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