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Algebra Review

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Math, Summer Course

Are you planning to take TPS Geometry, Algebra 2, Chemistry, or Physics in the fall and want to brush up your Algebra skills? Are you joining TPS for the first time and want a jump start? Are you planning to take the SAT and want to strengthen your math abilities? Algebra Review will cover the major topics and strengthen the skills you learned from your Algebra course. Topics include solving equations, graphing linear equations and inequalities, systems of equations, quadratics, exponents and roots, functions, and polynomials. Live classes consist of brief lectures followed by problem-solving individually and as a group. No book is required for this course — all worksheets, activities and solutions will be provided by the teacher.

Grade Levels*:
8, 9, 10
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.

• Successful completion of TPS Algebra

━ OR ━
• Concurrent enrollment in TPS Geometry (or higher)
━ OR ━
• Successful completion of Readiness Test
Notes and Conditions

Relaxed: TPS Summer classes are relaxed in attendance and assignments are optional. Enjoy your summer break while preparing for the next school year.

Transcript Planning: This course provides weekly practice, evaluation and feedback in math skills related to the level of the course. The course is valuable for strengthening foundational skills to smooth out rough patches from the prior school year or give a head start for the next school year. Individual assignments receive feedback and a grade, but the course has no final grade or credit. The course is not a prerequisite for and does not provide placement approval for any TPS course.

“I personally am not a math person, and yet I was still able to understand and enjoy this course. It helped me become more prepared for Algebra 2 next semester and helped retain some important concepts which I had previously forgotten.”

Makayla R

“This course was really helpful for me as I just finished Geometry. It helped me to refresh the concepts of Algebra in my head and I feel more confident going into Algebra 2. I would recommend this course for students who need to brush up on their Algebra skills.”

Jeemin C

“Going into the class, I felt very sure in my algebra abilities, but as the course progressed I remembered just how much I didn’t know after a year of no algebra. However, this class has thoroughly prepared me for the coming school year.”

Olivia R

“This course is an easy Algebra review that refreshes basic skills! It was very helpful since last year I took Geometry, therefore Algebra was kind of tucked away in my brain. So this course has allowed me to revisit some of the basics in Algebra so that I can go into Algebra 2 prepared.”

Haley B

“We go over many topics, and each topic is practiced in very full detail. Any questions are welcomed, and no judgment from the teacher if you don’t understand something. It was a very good class and I would totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for a full review.”

Ana C
Reviews from Students and Parents