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U.S. History for Middle School

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This course walks students through the exciting history of the United States, using biographical and source documents, which are analyzed and discussed in class. We start with Colonial America through America’s westward expansion (1750-1850), focusing on the events and people that shaped the young nation, with emphasis on the role of biblical faith in the development of the colonies, states and movement west. Then we move to the Civil War and reconstruction, through the turn of the century, WWI, the depression, WWII, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, the country through the Reagan years (1850-1988), and into the present day. To help students understand the events in greater context, we analyze the movements and ideologies that led to the colonization, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and reshaping of the nation, and then America as a global superpower, currently with some similar but also some changed views than those of our founders. As the year progresses, the readings, discussions and essays advance from more basic to slightly more sophisticated, as students develop their own analysis and expression skills.


Scope: This course surveys Colonial to Present, and emphasizes the period from Colonial to Civil War Reconstruction. TPS U.S. History for High School surveys Colonial to Present, and emphasizes the period from Reconstruction to Present.

Grade Levels:
7, 8