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“I started TPS in 7th grade, taking English 1 and Latin. After that year I began taking nearly all my classes from TPS, through my high school graduation, from English 1 through Advanced Composition, Literature, and Poetry, to math, where I did Algebra 1 through AP calculus, to an awesome four years of French, and several electives ranging from Web Design to Study Skills to Theology. I loved my time with TPS. I’m now graduating from Grace College with my B.S. in Life Sciences & Education, and I’ll also receive my teaching license for secondary science. TPS prepared me for nearly everything I encountered in college, and I wouldn’t be the teacher I already am without the influence and encouragement and investment of my TPS instructors. I’m so grateful to be able to pass on to my own students what my TPS instructors gave to me: a love for learning and a hope for future achievements.”

Emily A (alumnus)

“Thank you for all you have done and continue to do with TPS. I grew up in a relatively isolated setting. While for some students TPS may be just a strong academic education, for others like me it was much more. Many years later and I can still look back and remember the courses and teachers and the lessons they taught me, even outside of the academic content itself. For example, the theology class helped me to process my faith as something personal and necessary, and not just receive information from someone else and take it at face value. Beyond the courses, I know that I would not be where I am in my life and career had I never developed community and relationship in TPS through the classes, trips, events and more. Thank you for the quality education, but especially for investing in more than just an education for so many people.”

Jordan S (alumnus)

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⊕ What is the profile and history of TPS?

TPS – The Potter’s School is a non-profit regionally accredited (Candidate status) online school that provides a full range of core and elective courses for grades 4 through 12. Established in 1997, TPS has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence. TPS serves both full-time diploma students and part-time students taking only selective subjects from TPS. Please review the TPS School Profile.

⊕ How does a TPS class work?

TPS provides fully interactive classrooms to students worldwide, even in remote locations with limited connectivity. Our interactive live classes feature high-quality audio, chat, camera video, interactive slide presentations, shared whiteboard, screen share, breakout rooms, and more. Classes are recorded to allow for occasional missed class make-up.

TPS teachers provide frequent timely individual feedback for evaluation and improvement. Teachers are also available on a reasonable basis to provide help outside of class by email, office hours, group meeting, or an occasional individual meeting.

Students view class messages, track assignments, submit work, and view grades and feedback through an interface that allows them to manage all their courses in one place. Parents have a single interface to oversee assignments, grades and feedback for all of their students and courses.

Upon completion of a course, all records remain accessible indefinitely, and parents can print grade reports or request accredited transcripts.

⊕ What transcripts does TPS provide?

TPS offers self-print grade reports and transcripts accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. TPS also provides transcripts to NCAA for student athletes. More information on TPS grade reports and transcripts…

⊕ Does TPS offer high school diplomas?

TPS welcomes part-time enrollment by students taking one or more subjects, but we recommend full-time enrollment for the added benefits of the Diploma Partnership. Every student (full-time or part-time) receives the same top-quality instruction, feedback, and evaluation regardless of how many courses are enrolled. However, full-time Diploma Partnership students receive additional benefits. TPS offers two levels of high school diploma, Standard and Honors. More information on the TPS Diploma Partnership…

⊕ Can I get college dual credit with TPS courses?

TPS offers a number of upper high school courses for both high school and college credit. These courses are designated as “College Credit” in the Course Catalog details for each course. To receive college credit for the eligible courses, once the course is successfully completed the student registers with Belhaven University, pays the course setup fee and transcript fee, and requests the transcript from Belhaven. More information on TPS dual credit courses…

⊕ How do TPS students score on AP® exams?

TPS AP course students are top scorers on AP exams, and most get scores of 4 or 5. More information on TPS AP® courses…

⊕ How do I get readiness verification (placement approval) for a course?

Readiness assessment requirements are posted in the Prerequisites section for each course in the course catalog. Readiness assessment materials and tests are due promptly (same day) when enrolling in a course. Your initial tuition payment is due just after we send you readiness verification for the course.

⊕ When are my tuition payments due?

Initial payment is due just after you hold a confirmed approved seat in a course. Subsequent payment due dates depend on the start date (full year, summer, fall, spring) of each class. Special payment plans are also available. More information on tuition payments…

⊕ What are the technical requirements for TPS classes?

TPS classes can be taken on Windows, Mac and Chromebook computers. 2 Mbps or higher stable internet is recommended (slower speeds work but reduce the quality of the class, and higher speeds improve the class experience). We support the Chrome and Firefox browsers (others generally work but we don’t support them). More information on TPS technical requirements…

⊕ Where can I browse and search all the TPS FAQs?

Please visit our searchable FAQs.

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