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Read what others have to say about TPS and our courses. Use the dropdown to show a sampling of all the testimonials or filter to get a sampling for each subject. Select “TPS” to see general comments. Visit our Subject Catalog to learn more about the curriculum and core courses for each subject.

Subject Catalog

“After taking TPS French 1 and 2, I enrolled in French 3 at my local community college for the second semester. I was afraid it would be much more challenging than TPS, but I was amazed to discover that all the grammar we were studying, I had already learned back in French 2! More than that, I had learned it all in a way that was so much easier to understand! Lucky for me, I was able to come back to TPS French as a senior this year and continue my studies in French 4/5.”

Emily P (student – French)

“Spanish was my favorite class this year. I learned more in this class than my two years of Rosetta Stone and another online class combined! Class sessions were filled with fun speaking activities, role-plays, games, and helpful explanations and review of difficult concepts. The teacher was always willing to answer questions and explain concepts we didn’t fully understand. The Spanish history listening activities helped me to understand the history and background of Hispanic culture all over the world. The Bible listening activities helped me to learn Spanish not only as a school subject, but also as a path to understanding more of the Bible through a different cultural perspective. I’m looking forward to my next TPS Spanish course!”

Keziah S (student – Spanish)