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Isabel C (Student)

“This course really helped me to build the foundations for art. Even though I was not new to art, there were lots of techniques that I did not know. The lessons were thorough and the assignments that were provided allowed me to try different mediums which allowed me to see what mediums and techniques suited … Read more

Hannah M (Student)

“The teacher was the best art teacher I’ve ever had. Many of my art teachers told me I had to do a certain project, but this teacher gave my classmates and I ideas and then let us come up with a project on our own. She also showed us lots of art forms from different … Read more

Dalyah G (Student)

“This class was so much fun! Even though it was challenging at points, it barely felt like school. There were so many resources for helping me do better, from the actual class time, to more videos, to the teacher giving me advice through email, to the class mates giving me suggestions and ideas. Throughout the … Read more

Erica Z (Student)

“As an art lover and a history lover, I really liked this course! Strongly recommend it! I think everyone who takes this course will gain a lot from it, no matter whether you are going into an art career or just have an interest in art. 🙂 This course is a fantastic chance to study … Read more

Rachel M (Student)

“I had a great time this year in all my classes. Art was definitely my favorite class, but I really enjoyed every single one of my classes this year. The teachers are all amazing; so understanding and willing do above and beyond to help their students. Although the workload was pretty stiff, my teachers laid … Read more