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TPS Elementary and Middle School Science – Investigate now!

TPS Elementary And Middle School Science – Investigate Now!

“I would definitely recommend this course to others! The textbook was thorough and well-written. It was challenging, but for every chapter I was able to walk away with an in-depth understanding of the topics that we covered and a firm grasp on all of the concepts. The teacher navigated us through all of the topics that would have otherwise been daunting if we hadn’t had such an amazing instructor!” Kaia L (student – Physical Science (Honors))

“I really enjoyed this class and learned lots of cool stuff. It made me want to study science more. I look forward to taking the other Elementary Science next year.” Angelina B (student – Elementary Science)

TPS elementary and middle school science courses are academic and fun!

There are no universal requirements for science courses before high school science, but there are a couple of good recommendations:

1. Take both life science and physical science courses before high school, to lay a good foundation for required high school sciences.

— TPS Elementary Sciences: Discovering God’s Living WorldDiscovering God’s Physical World

— TPS Middle School Life Sciences:  General ScienceLife Science (Honors)

— TPS Middle School Physical Sciences:  Physical SciencePhysical Science (Honors)Earth Science

2. Take science courses that teach how to write formal lab reports with proper content and formatting.

Colleges report and AP scores indicate that homeschoolers are often not strong in lab work and reporting. TPS science courses emphasize real lab work and teach formal lab reporting (including the correct style for each individual discipline) so our science students are fully prepared for high school and then AP and college.

More about TPS Science courses…

“This course is such a blessing to me. I used to hate science, but now physical science is my favorite subject! The teacher was so encouraging, and all the assignments were fun and helpful. The class also prepared me to write lab reports. I’m definitely going to continue science with TPS!” Grace W (student – Physical Science)

“I used to hate science, but now it’s my favorite subject because this class gave me chance to ask questions, watch interesting videos, and learn so much about the world around me and just how complex and amazing it is.” Caroline H (student – Life Science (Honors))

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