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Maia G (Student)

“This has been an informative, useful, and enthralling course to invest myself in this year. This Latin course not only helps you to become familiar with grammar and vocabulary, but also to have a clearer understanding of English, French, and many other languages that originated from Latin. If you are someone who has any interest … Read more

Emily P (Student)

“After taking TPS French 1 and 2, I enrolled in French 3 at my local community college for the second semester. I was afraid it would be much more challenging than TPS, but I was amazed to discover that all the grammar we were studying, I had already learned back in French 2! More than … Read more

Keziah S (Student)

“Spanish was my favorite class this year. I learned more in this class than my two years of Rosetta Stone and another online class combined! Class sessions were filled with fun speaking activities, role-plays, games, and helpful explanations and review of difficult concepts. The teacher was always willing to answer questions and explain concepts we … Read more

Joshua V (Student)

“The German courses at TPS have been some of my favorite courses throughout high school. The program has placed me at a level far above many of my peers coming from other educational environments in my ability to understand, speak, and test in a foreign language. The teacher creates a wonderful environment for our learning … Read more

Tammy B (Parent)

“The TPS Elementary Spanish courses are a wonderful introduction to a foreign language at a steady, comfortable pace for younger learners. The classes provide a great foundation for high school Spanish classes in the future. The curriculum is the best my family has ever seen in a foreign language class!” Tammy B (parent – Elementary … Read more

Nyah R (Student)

“TPS has been a blessing for me and my family. I wanted to be more challenged as a student and also dig deeper into knowing Jesus. I found both of those things here as well as wonderful teachers! I thought I was terrible at foreign languages, but my French has improved so much in one … Read more