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Algebra 2 (Honors)

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Honors, Math

Most U.S. states and colleges require that every high school student complete math through Algebra 2 (with Algebra 1 and Geometry as prior courses) as a minimum requirement for HS graduation and college admission. This second-year algebra course is an essential building block in a student’s knowledge of mathematics, incorporating many of the concepts a student has learned in their mathematics studies up to this point, including a substantial amount of geometry. Students will be encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of critical mathematical thinking in concepts they have already learned, such as working with linear and quadratic equations, powers and roots. There will also be an introduction to new topics including rational functions, matrices, logarithms, trigonometry, translating trigonometric functions, trigonometry identities, sequences and series, probability, statistics, conic sections and translating conic sections. An integral portion of the course will focus on visual representations of mathematical principles in addition to abstract reasoning. Through their study of Algebra 2 (Honors) students will strengthen their application of algebraic principles to real-world problems and conceptual problem solving skills.

Grade Levels*:
9, 10, 11, 12
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
• Successful completion (80% or higher) of TPS Geometry (Honors)
━ OR ━
• Successful completion (90% or higher) of TPS Geometry
━ OR ━
• Successful completion of Readiness Test
Notes and Conditions

Standard vs. Honors: This Honors course is designed to prepare students for Calculus in high school or college. It has more conceptual topics than the Standard course, and spends less time on review and practice of fundamentals.

Curriculum: TPS uses the award-winning Elayn Martin-Gay High School Series (AGA). The Martin-Gay series is one of the few curricula (out of the many we reviewed) that has scope and level we require, including standard and honors level. It follows well from the Math Mammoth series we use in our Math Fundamentals and Pre-Algebra courses. It features a rich set of thousands of supplemental videos to aid self study. And it includes excellent on-line MyMathLab resources, which is the same platform already used by TPS Precalculus and Calculus. (This information should not be used for ordering materials, as TPS will be providing special bundle ISBN’s required for ordering.)

California A-G: This course has CA A-G approval.

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“I just finished a precalc course at community college. Only a couple students out of about 30 finished with A’s, and I had a 96. I was also able to help the college-age students understand the material and pass the class. They were all shocked that I’m only 16 and a HS Junior…”

Georgia S

“We had a lot of raised voices and constant nagging for our older kids to do their math. We have dragged out the math year through many summers. We have switched math curricula more than we have children! Then our fourth student took math through TPS this year and lo and behold, she LOVES math! We are definitely continuing with math through TPS!”

Sue W
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