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Art 1 - Drawing 1

Art speaks to all of us regardless of our race, culture or life experiences. It conveys knowledge that we cannot gain through other studies and helps us make connections that use the whole brain rather than one dominant domain. Art is a safe place to explore open-ended questions about what it means to be human and why something is considered to be aesthetically beautiful or valuable. Art can also be a form of worship, and some philosophers have considered the arts to be a key link in the complex relationship between what we believe and how we behave. If art is a universal language that synthesizes understanding and action, then that language is best learned by simultaneously studying and doing art. This studio class will focus on training the eye to see accurately so that students can draw accurately. Students will work from life as they explore the key components of Line, Space, Values/Modeling, Proportion, and Perspective drawing through traditional and non-traditional exercises. In addition, students will learn the formal rules of perspective, composition and the ways in which a subject can be organized for greater visual impact. Assignments are predominantly hands-on drawing projects as students will practice and apply the concepts covered in that topic. Teacher demonstrations and individual feedback will help students hone their skills. Students should expect their artwork to be discussed anonymously and respectfully in class as part of the group learning process. This course is suitable for a range of talent and experience levels for both Art and non-Art majors. It is highly recommended and serves as a prerequisite for students who want to take advanced art courses in TPS.
Note: Art 1 – Drawing 1 and Art 1 – 2D Design are the core courses that should be taken by every student desiring to pursue further studies in the visual arts.