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Belhaven High Scholars Year 1

This course is Year 1 of Belhaven High Scholars. Year 2 information and enrollment is [url=https://www.pottersschool.org/courses?cid=3924]here[/url].

In partnership between TPS and Belhaven University, High Scholars is a “classics” (“Great Books”) program that integrates western history, literature, and art from ancient to contemporary times. Live classes feature interactive dialogue, including regular teacher-moderated “round tables” using mics and cameras, allowing students to examine and analyze course topics through collaborative discussion. The integrated nature of this program allows students to dive deep into the events and ideas that have shaped the modern world: students study not only the literature, art, and history of western civilization, but also the intellectual and philosophical movements – the ideas and modes of thought – that lie behind these. At the same time, these trends and developments are taught from a distinctly Christian worldview, connecting past to present in a way that is biblically-founded. This two-year curriculum welcomes students grade 10 and up.
[*]Four (4) live interactive classes each week, including regular “round table” discussions (mics and cameras)
[*]24 college credits (Freshman Comp 1 and 2, World Lit 1 and 2, Western History 1 and 2, Contemporary History, Art Appreciation)
[*]Two (2) years of high school History, Lit and Comp, and academic electives (6 HS credits)
[*]Content integration allows for considerably lower total workload than each subject taken separately

High School Credits Year 1 and 2 (TPS transcript)

English 4 Western Literature and Composition 1 (1 credit)
English 5 Western Literature and Composition 2 (1 credit)
Western History (1 credit)
Contemporary World History (1 credit)
Worldview (1 credit)
Art Appreciation (1 credit)

Courses may also be listed in integrated format (e.g, for application to classical colleges):

Western History, Literature and Composition 1 (2 credits)
Western History, Literature and Composition 2 (2 credits)
Contemporary World History (1 credit)
Art Appreciation (1 credit)

College Credits Year 1 and 2 (Belhaven University transcript)

ENG101 Freshman English I (3 credits)
ENG102 Freshman English II (3 credits)
ENG203 Survey of World Lit I (3 credits)
ENG204 Survey of World Lit II (3 credits)
HIS107 Civilization I (3 credits)
HIS108 Civilization II (3 credits)
HIS205 Contemporary World History (3 credits)
ART215 Art Appreciation (3 credits)

(Note: These numbers and titles are from the [urlnew=http://catalogue.belhaven.edu:48508/Pages/SectionsHome.aspx]Belhaven University Course Catalog[/urlnew])

Fees Note: Each year all TPS BHS students will be required to register with Belhaven University in September and pay for the college credits ($600 per year). This is in addition to the TPS tuition.
Attendance Note: Because this course involves frequent in-class discussions and seminars, regular active participation is required and is factored into the course grade. Students who plan to regularly miss one or more classes per week must obtain TPS written concurrence for the courses to receive credit. TPS will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests while maintaining the high school and college credit requirements.