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Biology (Honors)

This course is an in-depth challenging study of Biology for the motivated student. Each topic starts with a real-world case study, and concepts are developed using readings, images, video, activities, labs, projects and more. The virtual labs are designed specifically for the textbook, and the hands-on labs are further designed to prepare students for the challenges of AP Biology or college Biology. The course provides a thorough and fascinating survey of high school Biology at an honors level, with strong lab preparation for college and AP. Topics include biochemistry, cellular biology, bioenergetics, heredity and molecular genetics, creation/evolution, structure and diversity of organisms, and ecology. The course also includes study of development of species, taught from a biblical worldview but including discussion of naturalistic theories as well, with the goal of preparing students to be learned and confident participants in further academic studies in biological sciences.
Lab Reports: This lab science course includes training and resources for writing technically correct lab reports to prepare the student for upper level science and college lab courses. Students will be instructed in the process of writing, revising, and producing a formal lab report, in general and specifically for that field of science. No accommodation is made for students who are unable to obtain the required lab materials.
Grade Level: This high school credit course allows grade 8 enrollment for strong motivated students preparing to take more upper HS and AP science credits in high school. No accommodation is made for students who are not ready to work at a HS pace with HS standards of evaluation. Students in grades 7 and 8 preparing for high school science should take TPS Life Science and TPS Physical Science.
Honors: This honors course features additional topics and more in-depth study of advanced topics for students who are working toward the AP Biology exam or might pursue science degrees or careers. Students seeking a Biology course that has less emphasis on lab work and uses a more conservative text will enjoy TPS Biology (3999).