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This course is a thorough and fascinating survey of high school Biology using the academically-solid and conservative Shepherd Science text. It provides an introduction to biological concepts while focusing on the unifying principles of science seen in the study of living things and how they function. The topics covered include the philosophy of science, cytology, biochemistry, genetics, plant function and physiology, animal kingdom diversity, biochemistry, cells, DNA/RNA, genes and heredity, evolution, kingdoms, human anatomy and physiology, ecology and more. Students will have the opportunity to visualize concepts as they’re reinforced with lab exercises using the scientific method. This class will equip students to provide a biblical defense for the origin of life and will provide students with strategic exposure to Darwinian evolution and allow them to analyze and respond to naturalistic evolutionary theory from a distinctively biblical worldview.
Lab Reports: This lab science course includes training and resources for writing technically correct lab reports to prepare the student for upper level science and college lab courses. Students will be instructed in the process of writing, revising, and producing a formal lab report, in general and specifically for that field of science.
Grade Level: This high school credit course allows grade 8 enrollment for strong motivated students preparing to take more upper HS and AP science credits in high school. No accommodation is made for students who are not ready to work at a HS pace with HS standards of evaluation. Students in grades 7 and 8 preparing for high school science should take TPS Life Science and TPS Physical Science.