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For many students, Chemistry is the most challenging required high school science — this course overcomes that hurdle for motivated students even if they are not strong in science. This college-prep chemistry course provides a qualitative and quantitative study of scientific measurement, matter, atomic theory, the periodic table, bonding, gas laws, and chemical reactions. The study of energy, electrons, and stoichiometry (including the mole concept) lays a broad foundation for chemical applications, and prepares the student to analyze chemical equations and predict reaction dynamics. Specific topics related to chemical reactions include solutions, thermochemistry, reaction rates with equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, and oxidation-reduction reactions. Course resources include comprehensive class notes, videos, and other tutorial materials. There is special emphasis on math instruction for solving Chemistry problems. The laboratory component includes virtual lab experiments and physical, hands-on labs performed at home using common household chemicals. This lab science course also includes step-by-step training, supported and reinforced by articulate instructions and model documents, for writing good lab reports.

Grade Levels*:
9, 10, 11, 12
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
• Successful completion (75% or higher) of TPS Algebra (or higher)
━ OR ━
• Successful completion of Readiness Test
Notes and Conditions

Lab Reports: This lab science course includes training and resources for writing technically correct lab reports, to prepare the student for upper level science and college lab courses. Students will be instructed in the process of writing, revising, and producing a formal lab report, in general and specifically for that field of science.

Suggested Pairing: Many good students struggle with Chemistry, particularly the math-related aspects of it. If your TPS Chemistry student would benefit from more instruction, more time to ask questions, and more opportunity to go over trouble-areas with a teacher, please consider adding Chemistry Problem Solving to your TPS Chemistry course. Chemistry Problem Solving is an additional low-cost seminar course for Q&A, review, or even re-teaching of difficult concepts. Content objectives, homework, labs, and tests are also primary topics of discussion. The Chemistry Problem Solving class enhances study skills, nurtures critical thinking, and provides extra practice in problem solving.

Standard vs. Honors: Students seeking a more advanced approach to general Chemistry should consider TPS Chemistry (Honors), which features additional topics, more in-depth study of advanced topics, and more application of mathematics.

“I would recommend this course because it teaches chemistry in a clear and efficient way, and has a lot of helpful study material. Science is a subject I’ve always struggled with, but with this course I’ve been able to improve a lot.”

Marie G

“Science was my least favorite subject by far. I was much more of a history and english person, and science just simply didn’t engage me. This course changed all that. The very difficult concepts are taught simply but engagingly, so that students are able to understand and also enjoy the class experience. I actually looked forward to the class time every week! The teacher really wants students to succeed, and provides excellent worksheets and videos to supplement the text. Whether or not science has been one of your better subjects in the past, if you are willing to work hard, focus in class, and enjoy some in-class fun, TPS Chemistry is definitely for you!”

James E

“I would recommend this course to others because the teacher makes learning Chemistry fun! The teacher taught us how to understand the material, to think clearly, and to take one step at a time. I was scared to learn Chemistry, but after the first class I was excited.”

Alyssa C

“…teacher provided excellent resources and instruction on how to study…taught students helpful tips on how to approach the necessary math in order to make the Chemistry easier…helped students learn how to use logic instead of just rote memorization…I witnessed confidence build in my student so he became not only more comfortable with the math, but also enjoyed learning the chemistry…teacher went above and beyond what is expected…”

Yvonne B

“This course taught my student to think, not just to store data in short-term memory. It required him to study effectively, grasp new topics and apply his knowledge effectively on tests that measure concepts rather than just memorized information. He’s been able to use what he’s learned in other courses and to improve his ACT score. And he learned a lot about Chemistry too! I was particularly pleased with the teacher’s accessibility…”

Jeff M
Reviews from Students and Parents