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Constitutional Law (One Semester)

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Academic Elective, Career Exploration, Government, New and Improved, Social Studies / Social Science

Constitutional law deals with the fundamental principles by which government exercises its authority. This area of law focuses on what the Constitution says, what specific laws mean, and what limitations exist. This introductory course will cover the development of the United States Constitutional Law by analyzing how the case law has developed through our history, how the social and political landscape has evolved, and how those interact and influence each other. Students will also analyze how legal and historical precedent influences current debates on the freedoms of speech, press, and religion; rights to vote, assemble, bear arms, due process, and privacy; and protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. Students will learn how to analyze a constitutional question, delineate the relationships between the branches of government, and explore the individual rights, liberties and protections enshrined in the Constitution.

Grade Levels*:
10, 11, 12
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.

“Before taking this course, I only knew the vague details of the major Supreme Court cases. After studying them over the semester, I am much more educated about the legal precedents and history of this nation. I also learned how to read cases and dissect the most important information to write case briefs. I can’t recommend this course enough!”

Dianna P

“This is a wonderful course that will give anyone a quick, yet thorough understanding of the Constitution and the importance of going back to 1789. The true meaning of the powerful text comes to great light through the teaching. The emphasis on understanding our fundamental rights like association, speech, and religion has greatly helped me understand why our founding fathers wisely constructed these rights in the first place.”

Isaiah B

“The lively in-class discussions helped me better understand the big issues confronting our society and understand how and why our legal system is where it is today. I am a much more informed citizen and can read legal decisions for myself.”

Nathan Y

“Not a course typically seen for high schoolers. Very interesting studies on the Constitution and its laws, and challenges the student to analyze cases differently by writing legal briefs.”

Melissa B
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