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Economics (One Semester)

This course will study market economies, including free markets and command markets. We will study how supply and demand works in both economic systems, the role of competition, savings and borrowing, the role of government, and foundation and control of the money supply. We will study money — what it is and is not, what functions it serves, and why all money is not equal. Toward the end of the semester we will look at benefits and perils of a global economy, along with the past, present, and possible future roles of the United Nations. We will also briefly review NAFTA and GATT, treaties which have affected our economy. In the final weeks of course we will talk about savings and investing on a personal level, including a discussion of personal debt. There will be a semester-long project to track and graph the stock market, then invest an imaginary $100,000. There will also be a currency exchange game with an imaginary $300,000.
Note: Pair this course with TPS Government for the equivalent of a full-year Civics course as required by many states.