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Elementary Science - Discovering God’s Living World

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Elementary Class, New and Improved, Science

In this course, grade 5/6 students “discover” the living world of God’s creation. The course will explore the intricacies of microscopic life, cell biology, and ecology while providing a thorough grounding in classification. We’ll study water creatures, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Learning how living creatures meet their energy requirements and how they interact and communicate will help students to appreciate the complexity of creation. This class offers a project-based curriculum which promotes firsthand learning with maximum impact and minimum preparation. We will learn about the amazing body systems and construct physical models to better understand how they work. We will also consider a worldview perspective by reflecting on the proper use of scientific knowledge for the glory of God. These engaging firsthand experiences will help to instill students with a lifelong love of science and a greater curiosity for the world around us.

Grade Levels*:
5, 6
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
Notes and Conditions

Alternating Years: This course alternates every other year with Elementary Science – Discovering God’s Physical World. It will be offered next in 2025-26.

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Reviews from Students and Parents

“This class helped me learn about the world around us in many fascinating ways. The experiments were fun and the class time was always lively and interactive. I was never bored!”

Crew T

“This is a fun course where you can connect with others while learning extremely fun subjects. I’ve made many friends in this class. The teacher is really nice, and the class has pushed my limits (in a good way) and made me be able to know and do things that I never knew I could! I really enjoy this class and definitely would recommend it to everyone.”

Isaac H

“I really enjoyed this class. It was a great way to interact with others. The teacher was so helpful and almost always knew the answer to our questions. This is a good way to learn about science from a Christian worldview.”

Andrew W

“This course is well laid out and organized. The assignments are challenging, but not overwhelming. There are a good number of experiments that further the learning process.”

Ruth M

“The teacher is really fun and she really encouraged the students to explore fun science. There is a lot of cool stuff in this class. You get to do all sorts of fun experiments and ask all sorts of questions. She knew how to encourage students to be excited about science while keeping the class under control. Overall, I learned a lot!”

Jed S

“I greatly enjoyed this course and I think others should do it because it teaches you how to ask questions and wonder about the world. It taught me to look a little farther than I usually do.”

Sylvia L