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English 1 Confident Composition

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English Language Arts, Writing and Composition

This course takes a unique approach to teaching writing to early middle school students. Instead of skill drills and unmotivated assignments, students study good writers they already enjoy — like Lewis, Tolkien, L’Engle and others — to see how these writers catch the reader’s interest, and how audience, purpose, and genre shape their writing content. Students write their own creative work, including poetry, narratives, short stories, and personal essays, with each assignment divided into manageable elements that are built gradually into a finished piece of writing. Students learn grammar in the same tightly integrated composition process that gives them tools to construct rich, varied sentences without having to interrupt the enjoyment of writing to practice mechanics. Reflection activities allow students ample opportunity to work through their difficulties, recognize their strengths, and identify areas for growth.

Notes and Requirements
Grade Levels*:
(* Determined by Date of Birth and declared Grad Year. Enrollment outside these grade levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.)

Who should take this course?

  • This course is not a complete English Language Arts course. Most students should take a complete English Language Arts course, such as TPS English 1 Lit and Comp, which provides integrated writing and literature instruction to prepare for upper HS and college humanities courses.
  • This course is for grade 7 or higher students whose writing is less developed due to a late start or earlier lack of direct instruction. It is also suited for reluctant writers who have basic skills but lack confidence.
  • Because of its dedicated focus on writing, this course is also well-suited for grade 7 or higher students concurrently in a literature-based humanities (e.g., “classical”) group who want to develop their writing with an expert teacher.
  • This course is not suited for students below grade 7 seeking to accelerate their writing development (younger students will be referred to a suitable Lit and Comp course).
  • This course is not suited for students whose primary language is not English. It does not assist with writing challenges that are generally experienced by second-language learners. Second language learners will be referred to a suitable Lit and Comp course.

Grammar Note: Students needing to strengthen their Grammar foundation are encouraged to take TPS Grammar Foundations for Elementary and Middle School Writing in the summer before this course.

Summer Preparation: To get an additional boost in writing improvement, students are encouraged to take TPS Writing for Middle School in the summer before this course.

Reviews from Students and Parents

“The Confident Composition Course has a unique approach to writing. The teacher did an admirable job with the curriculum. This course inspires students to become better writers by using excellent literature and essays as inspiration. I learned to read more thoughtfully, looking for the author’s techniques and being inspired to use some of these techniques in my own writing. The teaching of different concepts was always very helpful, and because of this course, my grammar skills have grown tremendously. I learned to love writing more because of this course and the teacher’s excellent facilitation of the course material.”

Luhan W

“I recommend this course to others because of the excellent and encouraging teaching and the useful skills learned from it. Not only has my grammar and writing level improved, but my entire writing style has been altered. Through the teaching of different sentence structures and writing techniques, my writing has greatly improved this year.”

Amelia H