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English 2 Confident Composition

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English Language Arts, Writing and Composition

In this dedicated composition course, students analyze and discuss real-world writing to provide an engaging and accessible context for developing their own writing to a high school level. By studying good writing, students will learn processes and techniques of good writers and then apply their insights to their own writing projects. By analyzing well-constructed sentences for grammar and style, students will develop their own confident individual writing “voice.” Students will perform in-depth analysis of interesting written works — including book reviews, journal articles, persuasive essays, and each other’s writing — and then apply these insights to explain and defend their own writing choices. Every assignment is designed to show young writers how a particular audience and purpose provides the motivation to write and guides the writing process. By the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of the key elements of good essay writing at the early high school level, and will be confidently prepared for high school writing.

Grade Levels*:
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
• Successful completion (75% or higher) of TPS English 1 Confident Composition
━ OR ━
• Successful completion of Readiness Test
Notes and Conditions

Confident Comp vs. Lit and Comp: This Confident Comp course is ideal for students taking a separate literature course without thorough writing instruction and evaluation. It is also ideal for reluctant writers to build confidence, or late-starting writers to develop more quickly by focusing on just the writing. For a complete English Language Arts course, please select the corresponding TPS English Lit and Comp course instead of this course.

Grade 9: Depending on your student’s individual progress and goals, this course may be well-suited for his or her grade 9 curriculum. It cannot be listed on a TPS transcript for high school credit, but it may be used on a homeschool transcript or omitted from a transcript.

EFL Program: Students with EFL-A Tutoring may not take this course.

Grammar: Students needing to strengthen their Grammar foundation are encouraged to take TPS Grammar Foundations for Elementary and Middle School Writing in the summer before this course.

Summer Preparation: To get an additional boost in writing improvement, students are encouraged to take TPS Writing for Middle School in the summer before this course.

“TPS’s E2 Confident Composition course is a great class for better learning the fundamentals of higher-level writing before students move on to more advanced work! I had so much fun with the various assignments, particularly the creative writing. The course focuses largely on learning the structure of essays and sentence composition, serving as a crash course in English for the student who may be struggling to grasp some of the more difficult concepts of basic Language Arts. My teacher was very kind and helpful, allowing us to email her with any questions we might have had, and always providing valuable feedback with the end goal of helping us improve our writing skills. I found the entire course’s focus to be pleasantly paced, and God-centered above all else. I would definitely recommend this class, and am looking forward to taking more courses through TPS throughout the rest of my schooling!”

Samantha D

“Thank you so much, TPS, for providing this phenomenal course! When I enrolled in E2 Confident Comp, I was in 8th grade, an ok writer who had not really gone through much focused writing training. But this class changed that. Instead of focusing on formulaic rules, my teacher let me make my own decisions, allowing me to think like a writer. I learned to write by reading quality, real-world pieces that taught me how to write all sorts of compositions, from news articles to personal narratives. All because of this class, I am a truly confident writer who cannot love this course more.”

Annelise L

“Before I took this course, I had not considered myself a writer and did not see the need to polish my writing skills. However, after going through the different assignments, I learned that everyone needs the skill to write. This helped me enjoy my homework because I finally understood that I would need this later on in my life. I feel completely satisfied with how much I learned from this course and could not ask for better class times nor more helpful homework to help me grow as a writer.”

Maria T

“This course has helped me to grow in so many ways throughout this year. I have learned so many things: how to make my writing more enjoyable and engaging, how to structure essays effectively, how to revise my work and make improvements myself, and so much more — all thanks to my teacher. Not only has this course taught me many things, but it was also enjoyable and I looked forward to class every week.”

Savannah S

“This course is an enjoyable experience that leads you, step by step, through the writing processes of many different types of writing. The teacher eases you through this process to guide you as you write confidently!”

Kate G

“Prior to taking this course, I had a very negative view of writing in general, viewing it as just a set of rules and instructions that needed to be followed. This course has really helped me to enjoy the writing process.”

Toby D
Reviews from Students and Parents