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Introductory and Online Study Skills

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Academic Elective, Elementary Class, Summer Course

Good study skills foster academic confidence and a life-long love of learning. Late elementary and early middle school is an ideal time to begin developing the skills of an independent, organized, motivated learner able to excel in the challenging academic environments. In this course, students learn and practice: organizing their workspace and materials; working with computer documents required for school and internet processes needed for online classes; employing effective time management skills; and developing several note taking and spaced learning techniques. There is also some training in the study skills that are unique to learning math (a challenge area for some young students). Students participate in creative hands-on projects, skills practice activities, and group interactions to make the class more enjoyable. This class is ideal for the young student who is eager to build an effective study skill foundation before the academic pace and rigor increases during the high school years.

Grade Levels*:
5, 6, 7
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
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