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Logic and Apologetics

Everyone has a worldview with core beliefs. Defining and explaining one’s worldview requires faith and critical thinking skills. Explaining and defending our faith is a part of the Great Commission. In this course, students learn Propositional Logic with a traditional approach using Nance’s classic texts Introductory Logic and Intermediate Logic. The study and application of logic is extended beyond the mechanics and applied to questions of Christian Apologetics. Some of the assignments are essays, so some prior analytical essay experience is prerequisite and will also be developed further in the course, making it a study of Logic, Apologetics, and introductory Rhetoric. The course helps students develop and understand the logic of their own Christian faith and worldview, and helps prepare them to explain and proclaim the Christian faith and worldview to others.
Note: Students with EFL-A Tutoring may not take this course.
Note: On an accredited transcript this course lists for credit as an Academic Elective.