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Math Accelerated 4

Do you have a motivated grade 4 math student who would thrive in an accelerated math course? Is your student ready to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical thinking and processes? Using the proven-effective Singapore Math curriculum, this course presents concepts using a systematic concrete to pictorial to abstract approach. This methodology facilitates conceptual learning prior to learning math formulas. Model-drawing is utilized as a core problem solving technique and serves as a logical connection to algebraic math. Topics include: whole number and decimal computations, fractions, geometry (angles, figures, area, perimeter, measures, volume), data analysis and probability. Class time features teacher-led modeling and discussion, guided practice, and group exercises and application. If your grade 4 student is ready to accelerate in math, this is the course you are looking for!
Note: Students who do well in TPS Math Accelerated are able to skip Pre-Algebra and go to Algebra in grade 7.
Note: This course is ideal for grade 4 students ready to move faster in Math. Older elementary students should take TPS Math Fundamentals at the level of their readiness.