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Math Accelerated 5

Do you have a motivated grade 5 math student who would thrive in an accelerated math course? Is your student ready to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical thinking and processes? The goal of this course is to develop student’s mathematical problem solving skills both in practical and abstract concepts and to prepare students for higher level mathematics and science courses. The well-proven Singapore Math curriculum used in this course presents concepts in a way that moves from concrete to pictorial to symbolic. Students are expected to have already mastered basic math skills, which become the foundation for learning conceptual math through word and picture problems. Concepts covered include: mental math; prime factorization; order of operations; word problems involving addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions; modeling; perimeter/area/surface area; combining three quantities of ratios and making equivalent ratios; converting measurements and volume: percentages; constructing triangles and finding the sum of the angles of a quadrilateral; and data analysis.
Note: Students who do well in TPS Math Accelerated are able to skip Pre-Algebra and go to Algebra in grade 7.
Note: This course is ideal for grade 5 students ready to move faster in Math. Older elementary students should take TPS Math Fundamentals at the level of their readiness.