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Math Accelerated 6

Has your grade 6 student been successfully studying math with the acclaimed Singapore Math curriculum? If so, this is the course that gets your student comfortably ready for Pre-Algebra, and strong students can even go straight to Algebra from this course. The goal of this course is to develop student’s mathematical problem solving skills both in practical and abstract concepts and to prepare students for higher level mathematics and science courses. The curriculum used in this course presents concepts in a way that moves from concrete to pictorial to symbolic. Reasoning, finding a pattern, mental math, and applying concepts are emphasized throughout this course. In addition, teacher-led discussion and group work facilitate student discovery, and develop an appreciation and wonder for mathematics. Topics covered include: algebraic expressions; negative numbers; solving equations; graphing functions; add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions and decimals; percentages; ratio; proportion; rate; speed; geometry (including circles, angles, volume, and constructions); mean/median/mode, probability; and more. This course is the capstone of the TPS Accelerated Math program, and provides thorough preparation for TPS Pre-Algebra, Algebra and honors-level math courses.
Note: This course is for grade 6 students who have been successful using Singapore Math prior to this course. Other students should enroll in TPS Math Fundamentals 6, or possibly TPS Pre-Algebra for stronger students.