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Physical Science

This course introduces two physical sciences — chemistry and physics — that students experience all the time, though they may not realize it. It helps students make the important connection between the science they read and what they experience every day. Relevant content, lively explorations, and a wealth of hands-on activities take students’ understanding of science beyond the page and into the world around them. The science is taught from from a biblical worldview, explicitly presenting the physical sciences as aspects of God’s creation and revealed glory. This full-scope introduction to the physical sciences provides an overview of Chemistry and Physics with a middle school academic level and workload. Chemistry topics include properties and states of matter, atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, and more. Physics topics include motion, forces, fluids, power, energy, heat, waves, electricity, magnetism, and more. The course is ideal for all middle school students to prepare them for high school physical sciences (i.e., Chemistry, Physics). This course also teaches labs (with helpful videos), data analysis, and lab reporting, to help prepare students for required lab work and lab reports in their high school science courses. This course will improve student readiness for high school physical sciences and promote higher grades in high school lab sciences.
Textbook Note: The text is Physical Science – Concepts in Action (2011). A PDF sample is [urlnew=https://www.pottersschool.org/tu/adoxIkSmdqi]linked here[/urlnew] for your review. The 2011 edition has only Chemistry and Physics (see the list of chapters in the sample). TPS will provide the eText with the course.