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This course gives students a good understanding of algebra-based physics, preparing them for college-level work in science and non-science majors and giving them an appreciation for the principles that order the physical world. The curriculum covers classical physics topics, including: motion, forces, energy, work, momentum, heat, thermodynamics, waves, vibrations, sound, light, optics, electricity, and magnetism. Concepts are introduced gradually to guide students through the process of discovery so they can understand and build on the concepts. The laboratory assignments are a mix of formal reports and lab worksheets, with associated lab quizzes to ensure concepts from class are reinforced. The experimental activities include at-home experiments conducted by the students using common objects and materials, online computer simulations of experiments, and narrated videos of experiments conducted by the instructor. Even if you are not planning on a science or STEM major, this course will help you understand, appreciate and even enjoy the “physics” of our world.