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Propositional Logic

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Academic Elective

Every student should develop critical thinking skills with real-life applications. This course cultivates those skills by teaching propositional logic in a condensed fashion using the book Introductory Logic by Nance. Logic is the art (and science) of reasoning well, and this class trains students in the crucial skills of defining terms, recognizing basic types of statements, arguing with syllogisms, arguing in ordinary language, and identifying informal fallacies. Throughout the semester, students will complete weekly practice exercises and receive instructor feedback on written exams. Students should also plan to participate actively in class discussions to develop their ability to articulate and critique logical statements. In this class, students have permission to argue (as long as their arguments are thoughtful and polite) and are encouraged to share examples of “logic” and syllogisms they encounter in their daily lives.

Grade Levels*:
9, 10, 11, 12
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.

“I loved this course, it was informative and very organized. The class was engaging and a perfect semester class in that the load was not too big, but all course work was interesting. The teacher was funny and always in touch, and all work was maneagable and well covered in class. The class went in depth in important subjects and was a great first logic class.”

Lila H

“This course is taught by a great teacher who is sophisticated in the area of law and logic. He, with great enthusiasm, teaches the basics of formal logic vividly. If one wants to further study in courses that require brain involvement (that is, all courses), he should probably take this class.”

Yinuo X

“Propositional logic is an enthralling course, and helped me best my family in many battles of wit.”

Eli W

“Propositional Logic was an excellent course to help introduce the basics of logic, as it covered the importance of defining terms, statements, propositions, and the basis of arguments. It was absolutely fascinating to learn about things such as the square of opposition and truth tables, and the teacher was amazing — interactive and excellent at explaining the concepts!”

Aspen F
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