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Starting Points - Thinking Biblically

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Academic Elective, Bible and Worldview

What is a worldview? Everyone has one. It influences the decisions we make and how we answer the basic questions of life. It consists of our values, beliefs, and presuppositions from which we make sense of reality. This course will help students form or strengthen a biblically-grounded view of reality that centers on the God of the Bible as creator and sustainer, and finds its purpose in our relationship with Him. During the course, students will study Christian theology, compare and contrast worldviews in literature and culture, learn the science and art of apologetics, and evaluate how the Christian worldview affected the political, social, and philosophical context of America’s Founding. Understanding that ideas have consequences, students will be challenged to think biblically and represent the biblical worldview articulately and persuasively.

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8, 9, 10
(* Determined by Date of Birth and declared Grad Year. Enrollment outside these grade levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.)

Note: On an accredited transcript this course lists for credit as an Academic Elective.

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