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Writing 5 Adventures

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Elementary Class, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English Language Arts, New and Improved, Writing and Composition

Has your young student ever stared at an empty white page not knowing where to start? Is your young student eager to write but needs focus and organization? Or do you have a reluctant young writer? This course provides an enjoyable introductory space for new writers to find their voice and organize their ideas. In-class writing exercises will help students to engage in discussions about the writing traits and how to make their writing organized and interesting. Brief grammar reviews in class will aid students in applying essential grammar such as the parts of speech and sentence types. A wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction writing topics will be explored through small writing assignments. Assignments will build to the development of complete, three paragraph essays. Students will also explore the world of poetry through limericks, haikus, and formal verse rhyme scheme. The teachers will provide detailed individual feedback for each written assignment. At the end of the course, students will have an opportunity to create a piece that celebrates their writing accomplishments from the year.

Grade Levels*:
5, 6
* Enrollment restricted based on Date of Birth and Grad Year (whichever is more limiting). Enrollment outside these levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.
• Successful completion (75% or higher) of TPS English as a Foreign Language - Intermediate (EFL-I)
━ OR ━
• Successful completion of Readiness Test
Notes and Conditions

Parent Involvement: In the first semester this course requires some parental involvement (including some in-class time) helping young students acclimate to an academic course. This tapers off and by second semester students should be able to work with little or no direct parental involvement during the class time.

English Language Arts: To form a complete elementary language arts program, add a TPS Elementary Humanities course to this writing course.

Grammar: This writing course includes some grammar but not a complete grammar curriculum. If you want an interactive Grammar class with this course, please consider TPS Grammar 1 – Structure and Mechanics.

EFL Program: If English is not your first language and you are considering this course to improve your English writing, please contact us to discuss taking this course (or a more suitable course) as part of our English as a Foreign Language program.

“This has no doubt been my FAVORITE class in all my years with TPS. The teacher is very patient and repeats things if you have questions. After you submit an essay, her comments and feedback are very kind and helpful. I am really grateful for her and all of Writing 5!”

Gracie Ella F

“I strongly recommend this course because it really improves your writing skills. Before I took this course I never knew where to begin with my writing. Now, ideas just fly into my head and I have too many choices to choose from! I am also more motivated to write essays and stories.”

Leanne C

“This class teaches you to use better word choice, to make fluent sentences, how to revise and edit, and more. This class went above and beyond my expectations.”

Olivia T

“From taking this class I have become a lot more confident in writing. Before this class I did not know how to write a story or an essay. Now I am as sure as ever! We write poems, fictional stories, essays, and more! I have improved so much! I would recommend this course to anyone!! This class has been one of my favorite highlights of my year!”

Caroline K

“This course shows everyone what it takes to become a good writer. You learn about how to revise and edit and write long stories, fictional or non-fictional. I think that this is a terrific course and that everyone should take it.”

Zyon F

“The teacher is encouraging and always helps with struggles. The writing assignments have clear instructions and are fun to do. I recommend this class for students who are just learning to write essays and stories, and I guarantee you will have fun the whole year.”

Pearl H

“Writing 5 is such a valuable course! Before this class, it was super hard for me to write a story or essay, I just couldn’t do it. But in this class, I learned many things about writing, such as formats, sensory details, different parts of a story and essay, and how to use more descriptive details to make the story more fun to read.”

Sophie Y

“I would recommend this course to others because whenever you need help/feedback the teachers are there for you, while also being very kind and helpful. The classes also teach helpful lessons, and plus you will have fun with friends!”

Malachi H
Reviews from Students and Parents