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Writing 6 Exploration

This course is designed for young writers who have already learned to write 2-3 paragraph responses to questions or topics of interest and are ready to expand their writing skills creatively and academically. Students will learn how to write short stories while studying techniques for character, setting, and plot development to create relatable and captivating tales. The course will also introduce students to basic analytical writing, and the use of sources to support their arguments and opinions in building paragraphs and short essays. Through the exploration of narrative and analytical writing techniques, students will begin to develop their own unique voice that is both engaging and persuasive. This course also includes grammar and mechanics instruction that will train students to create more sophisticated sentence structures for sentence variety and fluency. In-class workshops will provide opportunities for students to receive feedback on their work from their peers, promoting a positive and creative environment for writing.
Note: This writing course includes some grammar but not a complete grammar curriculum. If you want to add a low-cost interactive Grammar class to this course, please consider TPS Elementary Grammar. To form a complete elementary language arts program, add TPS Reading in Action 6.
Note: If English is not your first language and you are considering this course to improve your English writing, please [url=mailto:[email protected]]contact us[/url] to discuss taking this course (or a more suitable course) as part of our [urlnew=https://at-tps.org/subjects/efl/]English as a Foreign Language[/urlnew] program.