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Terms of Enrollment

Prior to enrolling in a TPS course, I agree to the following Terms of Enrollment:

  • Legal
    • I have reviewed and agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy and Security Policy and Refund Policy.
    • I will maintain a current valid family email address as my TPS family login username. I understand that while enrolled in a TPS course, I am responsible for receipt and timely processing of TPS email sent to my address.
    • I will maintain my student(s) legal and preferred names, date(s) of birth, and planned graduation year accurate in my TPS records.
    • I understand that the family and student email addresses I provide will be used by TPS to send information and announcements about TPS courses and activities, but will never be provided to another organization or used for any other purpose. I understand that I may opt-out (unsubscribe) from these information and announcement emails at any time.
  • Schedule and Attendance
    • I have reviewed the academic calendar for class start and end dates, breaks and holidays, final assignment submission dates, and grades posting dates.
    • I have considered all class times in my local time zone and accounted for U.S. Daylight Savings Time shifts.
    • I understand that TPS has class participation requirements and limitations on class absences.
  • Assignments Timeliness and Exam Proctoring
  • Prerequisites and Readiness
  • Wait Lists and Contingencies
    • I have reviewed and understand how wait lists work.
    • I understand that if I am enrolled in a Wait List seat, it means that I prefer the Wait List seat over any related reserved (Held) seats and so TPS may at any time without prior notification enroll me in that preferred seat and drop any related seats.
    • I understand that if I enroll in a reserved (Held) seat that I intend to drop later for a Wait List seat in a different TPS course, I must notify TPS in advance in writing of my contingency seat request that crosses two or more courses or I may be charged applicable reservation drop fees for the dropped seats.
  • Enrollment and Drops
    • If I am enrolling during an early enrollment period (Staff, Diploma Partnership, Overseas, Multiple Courses), I verify that I meet the conditions for early enrollment. I understand that if I enroll early without meeting the conditions, I may lose some or all my seats and I may be charged additional fees.
    • I understand that I should not enroll in a TPS course until I am fully decided upon and committed to completing that course, including full consideration of that course schedule, workload, and academic rigor in the context of other plans and commitments.
    • I understand that I may not enroll in a TPS course as a contingency while I consider or pursue other options outside TPS that may keep me from completing the TPS course.
    • I understand that I may not enroll in a TPS course if I am committed elsewhere in courses or activities that may interfere with my ability to complete that TPS course.
    • I understand my audit and drop options.
  • Fees and Payment
    • I have reviewed and agree to the Tuition, Fees, Payments, and Refunds information and policies.
    • I understand that I am not to pay anything for a course until my student has a Held Seat (not a Wait List seat) and readiness verification for the course.
    • I understand that I must make all payments online. I understand that my payment information (eCheck, credit card) is not processed by TPS or stored on TPS servers, that TPS does not have access to my eCheck or credit card data, and that no payment is automatically made or taken by TPS.
  • Conduct

By checking the Enrollment Agreement block in the Enrollment Qualifications section of My Cart so I can complete the enrollment process, I acknowledge and agree to these things.