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Family Registration Fee

The annual Family Registration Fee ($75) is due with the first enrollment for the year. There are no additional registration fees for individual students or individual courses.

  • When you enroll for the first time in the academic year, you will be unable to enroll from the Cart until your family account balance has a credit of $75 or greater.
  • Payment of the registration fee and any prior balance may be made with classes in the Cart ready to enroll.
    1. While viewing your Cart, use the left-side menu to select your family name (this is your family account page).
    2. Make the payment.
    3. Return to your Cart from the left-side menu.
    4. Enroll your courses.
  • If you plan to enroll immediately when your enrollment opens, and you do not want to delay for payment of the registration fee, you may pay this fee (and any outstanding balance) anytime in advance to avoid delays when you enroll.
  • The Family Registration Fee is a non-refundable annual fee. However, a partial refund ($40) will be provided in the case where:
    • All enrollments were in accordance with posted Prerequisites.
    • All readiness assessment materials (tests, essays, questionnaires) were submitted timely with enrollment.
    • No enrollments were approved by TPS (e.g., you did not pass readiness evaluation for any enrolled courses and you did not want any alternate recommendations).
  • If you are new to TPS with questions or uncertainties, please request a (free) New Family Meeting prior to enrolling. We want you to be comfortable and confident with the process and your options.