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Financial Aid

TPS is currently registered to receive state scholarship or financial aid for homeschool students with the following state programs:

  • Arizona ESU
  • New Hampshire EFA

Individual State Information

  • Florida (Step Up) – The Florida Step Up program has informed TPS that it is a violation of program policies and state law to use Step Up funds for an online course with live interactive class instruction.
  • Virginia (Learning Recovery Grant) – The State of Virginia has informed TPS that by policy and state law, the Learning Recovery Grant may be used only for remedial teaching that is for the purpose of recovering delayed learning (e.g., due to COVID school closures) and may not be used for non-remedial courses offered in any form (local or online).

If you would like us to register with your state’s program for financial aid for home schooling, please send us a request with a link to the information site. If we are eligible, we will register and keep you updated on the status of availability.