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Terms of Enrollment

This agreement is a contract. When you enroll, you must acknowledge this agreement, and your enrollment enacts this contract. We encourage you to review it carefully and resolve any questions prior to enrolling.

  • Policy Reviews and Agreement
  • Identity and Accessibility
    • I will maintain a current valid family email address as my TPS family login username. I understand that while enrolled in a TPS course, I am responsible for receipt and timely processing of TPS email sent to my address.
    • I will maintain my student(s) legal and preferred names, and date(s) of birth accurate in my TPS records.
    • I understand that the family and student email addresses I provide may be used by TPS to send information and announcements about TPS courses and activities, but will never be provided to another organization or used for external advertising.
  • Enrollment Fees and Payment
    • General
      • I understand that TPS does not assess late fees, penalty fees, or interest.
      • I understand that I must make all payments by e-check (preferred) or credit card through my family account, and TPS never charges my account or card automatically or manually.
      • I understand that when I enroll in any course, the enrollment constitutes my agreement to pay the non-refundable portions of the tuition and fees for that course.
      • I understand that non-refundable fees become non-refundable as of the date they are assessed (charged), regardless of when or if they are paid.
    • Registration Fee. I understand that the annual Family Registration Fee is due with the first enrollment for the year and is generally not refundable but may be fee may be partially refundable under limited conditions.
    • Self-Management Window. I understand that for a brief self-management period (several hours) after I self-enroll a course, I may self-drop that enrollment with full reversal of all tuition and materials fees. Once this short self-management window expires for the course such that I can no longer self-drop the course from the family account, the self-management window will not be extended or renewed, and non-refundable fees will not be waived.
    • Initial Tuition and Readiness Assessment
      • I understand that the initial tuition and fees payment for each course is due promptly after Readiness Assessment (placement) approval is provided for that course.
      • I understand that if I enroll in compliance with course Target Grade Levels and Prerequisites, and I submit readiness approval materials promptly, accurately, and completely for a course, and TPS declines my enrollment based on academic readiness assessment, all tuition and fees for that specific course will be reversed and removed (non-refundable portions waived).
    • Subsequent Tuition and Fees. I understand that the balance of tuition and fees are due in dated increments which are listed in the Tuition, Fees, Payments, and Refunds information, and that it is my responsibility to track my dates and payments.
    • Failure To Pay
      • I understand that failure to pay a non-refundable fee within ten weekdays from when it was due may result in the enrollment being blocked or dropped with non-refundable fees fully assessed (not waived, or reduced).
      • I understand that failure to pay non-refundable fees may result in my account placed in arrears and all service suspended or terminated.
  • Readiness Assessment (Placement)
    • I have reviewed the Prerequisites for each course I am enrolling.
    • I understand that Readiness Assessment materials — if required for a course — are due immediately (same day) with enrollment of that course. (Please do not enroll in a course until you are ready to submit Readiness Assessment materials — if required — when you enroll. We do not provide or manage “extensions” for Readiness Assessment materials.)
    • I understand that failure to submit Readiness Assessment materials for a course after five weekdays from enrolling that course may result in the enrollment being dropped with non-refundable fees fully assessed.
  • Reenrollment. I understand that if I am dropped from a course with non-refundable fees assessed, and I re-enroll in that course (or equivalent course agreed in writing by TPS) for the same student in the same year, TPS will fully credit the non-refundable fees for the dropped course to the re-enrollment after initial payment.
  • Wait List Commitments and Contingencies
    • I have reviewed and understand how wait lists work.
    • I understand there is no fee or down-payment to reserve a seat on a Wait List.
    • I understand that if I am enrolled in a Wait List seat, it means that I prefer the Wait List seat over any related reserved (Held) seats and so TPS may at any time without prior notification enroll me to a Held Seat from the Wait List seat and drop any related seats.
    • I understand that standard tuition fees (including non-refundable portions) are assessed immediately after receiving a Held Seat from the Wait List, with no decision period or further agreement from me (my voluntary reservation on the Wait List is my complete prior agreement to be enrolled and assessed the applicable fees).
    • I understand that if I enroll in a reserved (Held) seat that I intend to drop later for a Wait List seat in a different TPS course, I must notify TPS in advance in writing of my contingency seat request that crosses two or more courses or I may be charged the non-refundable fees for the dropped seats.

By checking the Enrollment Agreement block in the Enrollment Qualifications section of My Cart so I can complete the enrollment process, I acknowledge and agree to these things.