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New Family Meeting

We want to support each student toward his or her individual educational requirements, goals, and interests. This requires experience and expertise in a wide range of academic areas. Our team has decades of experience and expertise in homeschooling, educational requirements in the U.S. and outside, transcript development for college and scholarship, and more. Meeting individually (chat, phone, conferencing, in-person at summer camp) with students and parents is a privilege and opportunity which we want to make accessible, effective, efficient, and friendly.

If your family is new to TPS (i.e., never taken a TPS course), we welcome the opportunity to meet with you prior to or during your first enrollment to provide helpful orientation, academic advising, course selection and placement assistance, and general support to help make your entry experience successful and efficient.

TPS is an online school for homeschooled and independent students worldwide. With our extensive experience and higher credentials in education and homeschooling, we offer our students more options and more opportunities than other providers and services. We uniquely support students building applications for competitive college and scholarships. These options and features are fully explained on our web site, but a pre-enrollment meeting is helpful for new families to understand the variety and scope of our features and offerings.

  • The New Family Meeting is free and requires no enrollment or financial commitment.
  • The New Family Meeting is available only to new families who have not previously enrolled with TPS. (If you are currently or previously enrolled family, please see the Academic Advising Meeting information below.)
  • To request a New Family Meeting, please complete and submit the online form linked below. Once we receive the form, we will reach out and schedule a meeting with you.