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TPS AP Environmental Science – Get out there!

TPS AP Environmental Science – Fascinating, fun, and not just for science majors

Exceptional and refreshing course. Combines many different standard science and social science courses into one. Learn extraordinary new things on the base of old subjects. Teacher is very experienced in the environmental science field, so the student is not only well-prepared for the AP exam, but also learns in a dynamic and interesting way. — Keziah S (student)

How about an upper-HS science that pulls together all your other science classes into a course that is practical, fascinating and fun?

How about an AP science course that boosts your transcript – one that you can score well in, even if you’re not a science whiz?

How about TPS AP® Environmental Science, the TPS course some students — even those who don’t like science — have called the “best” or “favorite” course they took in high school?

Fascinating topics include:

  • Basic Needs Of Living Things
  • The Value, Use And Restoration Of Ecosystems
  • Water Hydrologic Cycle And Human Use
  • Production And Distribution Of Food
  • Energy (fossil fuels, nuclear power)
  • Wild Species And Biodiversity
  • Global Climate Change
  • Economics, Politics, And Public Policy: Impact On The Environment
  • Many more

Major benefits of TPS AP Environmental Science:

  • Advanced science credit — excellent course for any strong transcript, and a breakout transcript booster for a non-science major.
  • Topics are relevant with applications for many career fields — a course you can actually use.
  • Balanced and biblical look at potentially divisive issues — a course you will actually want to talk about.
  • Study real nature, not just “homework” — this course will actually get you outside.
  • Top AP exam scores — historically 2/3 of TPS AP Environmental Science students earn scores of 4 or 5 (as compared to 1/3 elsewhere)
  • Fascinating and fun — TPS students often call AP Environmental Science their favorite HS course.

Learn more about TPS AP Environmental Science in our course catalog.

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