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Anatomy and Physiology

This course bridges the gap between high school Biology and college-level Anatomy and Physiology. It provides students with a solid foundation and understanding of the parts and functions of the human body. The textbook is a college-level text, but the information covered in the course will not always be as in-depth as a college course (e.g., in allied health degree programs like nursing, physical therapy or public health). Each body system is covered, including skin, muscles, skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and others. There is a lab component to this course. Some labs are virtual, some are hands-on and some are research-based. The labs align with the topics covered and provide a deeper understanding of each topic. Students will also engage in case studies and presentations, and will have opportunity to talk with several guest speakers who are currently working in fields that use Anatomy and Physiology. All topics will be addressed in a respectful and professional manner from a biblical perspective.
Note: Lab exercises reinforce the concepts covered in the class and provide a hands-on learning experience with the course content. However, this course does not have sufficient lab work to fulfill the requirements of a high school “lab science”.
Note: This course is ideal for students considering college or career in nursing or other allied health fields, to prepare students for the challenging Anatomy and Physiology course(s) they will take in college. Students considering biological sciences, pre-medical, or pre-dental undergraduate majors should should consider TPS AP Biology.