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Spanish 1B Language and Culture

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Global Language

Spanish 1B is the second of a two year course covering the material for TPS Spanish 1. This is a custom-designed program that integrates grammar, vocabulary, culture, pronunciation and comprehension at a manageable pace. It is a highly-interactive, multifaceted, systematic approach to developing a solid foundation in spoken and written Spanish. The homework includes vocabulary activities, reading, cultural elements, grammar drills, audio comprehension and pronunciation lessons to build a variety of necessary knowledge and skills. During class, the time is dedicated to growing comfortable and proficient in speaking and understanding the kind of practical Spanish that is useful in everyday situations. Students will be encouraged and evaluated during the live class time, and their graded work will include simple written compositions, quizzes, exams, and recorded spoken submissions.

Notes and Requirements
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(* Determined by Date of Birth and declared Grad Year. Enrollment outside these grade levels requires written concurrence from TPS Support.)

Note: Do you feel that your TPS Spanish 1B student would benefit from more instruction of the material, more time to hone his pronunciation, and more opportunity to practice conversational skills with the teacher and other students? Then don’t miss this opportunity to turn your one-session-a-week Spanish course into a two-session-a-week course by adding Spanish Conversations for Spanish 1B to your TPS Spanish 1B course!

Note: This course may combined in series with TPS Spanish 1A to provide the equivalent of HS Spanish 1 taken over two years for a more relaxed pace and stronger Spanish foundation. When taken in grade 8/9 and combined with TPS Spanish 1A taken in grade 7/8, one total HS credit will be conferred by the two courses. The course does not confer any credit without TPS Spanish 1A.

Reviews from Students and Parents

“I loved this course so much! All the interaction we have in class is very helpful and enjoyable! The pace of this course is perfect for me to thoroughly comprehend the material. I understood the difficult concepts better and learned to pronounce challenging words or phrases with an awesome teacher guiding me throughout! It is a great course, and I really recommend it!”

Seraphina C